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10 Easy Ways for Busy Parents to Improve Their Personal Development

Do you ever feel as if you’re drowning in your parental responsibilities? As parents, we have a tendency to prioritize our children over ourselves.

Making time for personal development, especially as a parent, is essential. You can better show up and care for your family if you take care of yourself and your well-being.

Growth doesn’t have to happen in a big way all at once. Taking tiny steps every day can help you become a better person.

Here are ten simple ways to include personal development in your daily routine:


1. Make time to write in your journal every day.

Making time to journal every day is one of the most fantastic things you can offer yourself. Whether you set a goal to journal before the kids get up or bring out your journal during naptime, journaling on a regular basis will help you explore your thoughts and nourish your growth.


2. Make a list of all the things you have in your life.

What kind of person do you want to be? Consider the various aspects of your life – as a parent, a partner, a friend, and so on – and consider what the best version of yourself would be in each category. Which aspects of your life do you want to strengthen and develop?


3. Negative thoughts and beliefs should be replaced with positive, empowering ones.

We can sometimes limit our own personal development by repeating negative thoughts to ourselves. Make a mental note of any negative beliefs you have and replace them with good, empowering thoughts.


4. Assign a friend to serve as your accountability partner.

When you need extra support or encouragement, having an accountability buddy might help. Find an accountability partner who is also a parent, so they can relate to your specific challenges and successes.

5. Every victory should be celebrated!

It’s not simple to be a parent. It can be challenging to track your development while also ensuring the well-being of your entire family. Celebrating your victories allows you to recognize your progress, reduces burnout, and motivates you to keep going.


6. Practice gratitude.

Gratitude will improve your health and happiness. Gratitude can help you have a more positive, growth-oriented view in life, as well as set a wonderful example for your children.


7. With your family, try new things.

Making plans for family days or new activities is a fantastic way to make memories and have fun. Consider where your personal development goals overlap with family-friendly activities.

  • Schedule a watercolour or ceramics lesson with your family if you wish to become more artistic.
  • Enroll your entire family in a class!
  • Together, learn or engage in a new sport.


8. Schedule time away on a regular basis.

Time away from home is a nice pleasure, whether it’s for an afternoon or a weekend trip. To keep yourself refreshed, schedule “me time” or a date night with your partner.


9. Begin a new hobby or rediscover an old one!

Discovering your limits and what you appreciate is an important component of personal development. Find a pastime that complements your ambitions and captivates your interest.

10. Make more time for yourself by automating routine tasks.

Use apps to set recurring reminders to keep track of jobs and chores. Make use of automatic features like auto-pay. Small automation improvements can help you simplify your life and provide you more time in the long term.


To be honest, parenting is a form of personal development itself. You’re learning how to communicate and how to be a role model for kids.


However, you may be able to improve yourself in areas other than parenting. When you’re raising a family, it’s difficult to find time for yourself. But keep in mind that you can make time for yourself while still being available to your family when they need you.


Take it easy on yourself — it’s better to take one small step than none at all!

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