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10 Tips For a Road Trip With Kids

The best thing about a road trip with your kids is to see them happy and comfortable. All your tiredness will be paid off just by seeing them smile genuinely.

Road trips are what we love to do together as a family. In addition, it’s a remarkable trip for us to strengthen our bond with each other. I always have this problem on every trip where my child feels nauseous and can’t even read a book or play with a tablet. I always have a bowl in my car just in case. I stop every 1-2 hours to let her get some fresh air and have a little walk. It helps with her nausea.

Her nausea makes it difficult for her to enjoy the journey. Therefore, I researched, tested and found effective ways to deal with nausea. The things that are effective to ensure my child is not nauseous are the following:

1. In a cooler, store healthy foods.

Packing healthy food in a cooler like grapes, watermelon, apples, boiled eggs and anything other healthy snacks will be great on a road trip with your kids. Not only you’ll be saving money from not having to buy food along the way, but it will ensure that your kids will stay healthy, energetic and focused. It will also come in handy for children who car sick. Consuming healthy foods will divert their attention from feeling that way. Another thing is when you’re hungry but you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can have a snack and not worry about starving. You’re not only feeding your hunger, but you’re also staying on track to a healthy lifestyle.


2. Reusable Water Bottle

Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle, Blue

A reusable water bottle should be brought on every road trip. You can put any drinks you and your kids will enjoy like fresh fruit juice or water. If you want to buy drinks from restaurants or fast-food chains your family loves, bring an empty water bottle with you. This is good for avoiding any mess or spilling of liquids in your car. Your kids will also love it if you use their favorite water bottle. Every time your kid feels nauseous, you can give them water you know is safe for them. Keep hydrated while on a road trip by carrying a water bottle.


3. Bring the essentials

Bringing essentials with you on a road trip is a lifesaver. Having a checked list of all the necessities and comforting items your kids will need is a must. Don’t forget their favorite stuffed toy, small blanket and pillow that gives them the warmth and comfort they will need. Toilet paper – this might make you laugh but it’s a lifesaver from weird things that can possibly happen and require toilet paper. Whenever your kids feel any car sickness, they can get some rest in a comfortable way that feels like home. Making your kids comfortable with its environment means that you’ll have the best trip ever.

4. Try chatting for a while

Whenever your kids feel nauseous on a road trip, one way to help is to distract them. Try to spark up a discussion with them and tell them some stories they’ll enjoy. The beautiful scenery you’ll see while on the road would be a great distraction for your kids who feel sick. Ask them what is on their minds and what they think of the places they saw. In stopping from an attraction, try to catch your kid’s attention by telling your own childhood stories, or you might ask them what they have learned on the trip.


5. Prepare for the inevitable messes

A road trip is a long way, so expect that many things can happen. The best thing you can do here is to be all set. Baby wipes, extra clothes, diapers, sanitizers and plastic bags are things you’ll need. You know you can’t control everything and unexpected things can happen, so be prepared and bring essentials for inevitable messes. Whenever your kids spill or create a messy situation, you can easily address it because you are prepared for it.


6. Bring a bag with their favorite toys and activities

Always have a bag with your kids’ favorite toys and activities. It will help light up their mood while on the road or while you stop at any places along the way. They will not have any dull moments because they their toys will keep them busy. Before going on a trip, let your kids pack their bags with the things they want or need. It will empower them to have everything they love while limiting what they could bring. Don’t forget to double check the bag before leaving to make sure all things inside are necessary or in case they forget something important to them.

7. Create a music playlist

A road trip is never complete without your favorite songs. Music can give enough relaxation to calm any gloomy feelings. Create a playlist consisting of your choice of genres that will also offer the same vibe to your kids. You can let your kids choose what song to play or select them yourself, but make sure it’s suitable for them. You can create the mood just by listening to your favorite playlist.


8. Road Trip Games

Keeping your kids entertained and happy is your main priority on a family road trip. Young ones love to play games inside a car while traveling as it exciting for them. Whenever your kids feel sick, distracting them with games is one of the best options. You can choose from many games that will ultimately make your kids happy and enjoy themselves.


Our favorite games on the road.

Simon game – Keep your kids entertained with this Simon game. Every sequence is jam-packed with sounds and lights to keep you on your toes as a player. Because each round becomes more difficult, it will bring out your competitive side. At the same time, it adds another sound and color to remember. Genuine smiles and laughter will make the best road trip.

Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Here’s a wonderful activity for your little explorers. Each player will take five cards then try to find various roadside objects. ‘Hear It’, ‘Smell It’ and ‘Feel It’ cards inspire young ones to use all their senses while traveling by feeling for bumps, sniffing for scents or listening for sounds. You’ll never be bored with this exciting and fun game.

Last One Lost – It’s a game that kids love to play on a road trip. The players will take turn to press down as many bubbles as they want in a single row. The player that presses down the last bubble will lose that round. The winner of this game is determined by who wins three or five rounds. While having fun playing with this game, it can also help you and your kid with anxiety and stress, and build emotional stability.

I Spy – Here’s another card game that will keep your road trip fun. One person will say ‘I spy’ first and describe what they see, then everyone has to guess what it is. It will keep your kids happy while appreciating the beautiful scenery on the road.

Memory Game – One of the best road trip games is this memory game. You choose a card from the 7 fun themes, slide the card into the game board and start looking for a match. This mind game will keep your child entertained while on the road and make the most of the trip.

This travel tray include everything you’ll need to keep toddlers, preschoolers, and even school-aged children happily occupied in their activities so you can arrive on time and maintain your sanity, because happy kids equal happy parents. EATS, DRAWINGS, AND CLEANING with only a few wipes of a moist paper towel, the dry erase board transforms into an extra durable car seat food tray, as well as an art activity sketching station.

9. Watch movies or play games on the tablet

You can let them have a little time to watch their favorite movies to keep them entertained. There are so many movies you can download from Netflix and Amazon Prime that your kids would love – from Disney movies to comedy movies or any of your kids favorite movies. You can also stop for a bit to let them play games on their tablets. There are many fun and educational games they can play on their tablets. Don’t forget to limit their screen time to keep them from feeling dizzy or nauseous. My child get really nauseous if she watch more than 10 minutes, so I always make sure to set a timer.

10. Drive at night

If your kids love to see the moon and stars, driving at night is a great time to have a road trip. Feeling the warm or cold breeze would be relaxing for you and your young ones. The peacefulness and calmness of the night will help your kid not be nauseous. If you have toddlers or babies that want to sleep, the noises from the cars, traffic or environment will not stop them from sleeping. But I find my child always sleeps better with these noise reduction headphones whether I drive during the day or night.

I hope these tips will help you make the most of your next road trip journey with your kids! Everything has a solution, so seize your moment and don’t let any problems get in your way of having the best trip with your little ones. If you have any effective tips other than what I mentioned above, please share them so I can try them myself. Have a wonderful road trip!

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