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15 Best Instagrammable Places from California, Nevada to Arizona
Are you planning on having a trip from California, Nevada, to Arizona? Today, I will share the 16 best instagrammable places you could visit. Whether you are traveling with your family, friends, or alone, you’ll surely love these places. Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone, take a nice shot, and post these gorgeous images in your journal and Instagram. California, Nevada, and Arizona are beautiful places with beautiful scenery you must see!
If you are an aspiring influencer, these places will give you many opportunities to take. Those instagram-worthy photos are definitely worth sharing.
Keep reading to be amazed by the beauty that these places have to offer.

16 Best Instagrammable Places to Visit

1. Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is a city filled with wonderful desert experiences. Travelers can find tons of unique instagrammable photo spots that allow them to capture the beauty of the place. Your family and Instagram followers will be blown away.
Take a shot in the Cholla Cactus Garden, Pioneertown, Joshua Tree Saloon, Keys view, etc. Pick an appropriate light and different backdrops to perfect your photo. Don’t be confused about where to start, every part will turn out well. Make your shot more aesthetic with the beauty of the sunrise, sunset, and night skies in Joshua Tree. This amazing place is just too perfect for capturing beautiful sunrise and sunset.
2. Yosemite National Park
Don’t miss out on the most Instagrammable natural wonder in the world! This well-known National Park is home to several protected natural wonders. Yosemite National Park has an area of around 747,956 acres. It has nearly 95% dedicated to Wilderness and is home to hundreds of wildlife species and over a thousand plant species. You can spend an entire day admiring its beauty.
The Park has racked up 5,000,000 Instagram hashtags on the popular social media application. Get ready to fill your feed with photos overlooking the daunting yet alluring heights and glaciers. It appears as the perfect place for memorable events of your life. Capture dozens of worthy Instagram photos to captivate yourself, family, and your Instagram followers.
3. Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Capture the beautiful sunset here in the Grand Canyon. Arizona’s Grand Canyon is ranked 7 out of the top 10 National Parks to post in your Instagram feed. Travel 277 miles long and see the famous geological wonder visited by 6 million tourists annually. The beautiful carved by nature is a jaw-dropping sight perfect for your Insta post.
It’s one of the most breathtaking sights you’ll ever experience. The natural wonders of the Grand Canyon are perfect for capturing its breathtaking landscape and creating memories that fill your Instagram feed.
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4. Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park
Do you want to visit an Instagrammable place in Nevada? Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park is perfect for you! The beautiful blue Lake Tahoe will captivate your heart and keep it calm and refreshed. It will be perfect for your Instagram feed.
The enchanting lake is surrounded by the Sierra Nevadas and straddling Nevada and California. Pine-lined trails run along the slightly elevated shoreline, and boulders rise out of the clear aqua waters, giving you more stunning photos. To make it even more amazing, ride a paddleboard or kayak and capture it for your Instagram.

5. Urban Lights by LACMA

Urban Lights by LACMA
Wander around the public art installation at Urban Lights by LACMA. It is simple yet, phenomenally astounding and perfect for an Insta-worthy pic. The Art Museum conceives using 202 restored, cast-iron street lamps powered by solar. Roam around and take a shot from the walkway wraps around the lights. This Instagrammable place in LA feels so serene.
You can visit the place in the morning if you want it to be quieter. The evening view is also good if you wish to have different perspectives. Put on your best OOTD, brighten up your Instagram feed, and let your inner influencer shine!
Public transport is also available for you to come visit the LACMA. The nearest subway station you can hop in is Wilshire or Western Station on the Metro Purple Line. Hop on either bus number 720 or 20 from there. You can explore the place for free, so strike a pose and post on Instagram!
6. Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
Feed your Instagram with a picture of you in one of the most iconic bridges in the world. Influencers would love to visit here again and again. Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed and instagrammable places in San Francisco. Every angle would be an Insta-worthy pic to capture.
Its beautiful scenery will captivate your heart to capture more memories and share them with others. Here are some more fantastic locations to check out. Golden Gate Bridge Cycle Tour, San Francisco Helicopter Tour, and Bay Cruise are just a few of the spectacular sites.
Go for a straight drive over the bridge itself and onto North Shore; then you will see the Battery Spencer Overlook. You might want to pose and shoot right next to the bridge.
7. Pfeiffer Beach
Pfeiffer Beach
Get to see one of the most popular and Instagrammable beaches. Pfeiffer Beach gives you a gateway from the city. Its stunning natural scenery will enhance your Instagram feed.
Vloggers and travelers would admire the naturally made sea rock and unusual purple sand. The marvelous sunsets are an eye-catching view for your Instagram feed.
8. Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier
Take all the extraordinary angle opportunities you can get in Santa Monica Pier.
This iconic theme park by the beach gives a spot with tons of bars, restaurants, around 200 different arcades, and more. In the day, there were some street performances of local artists. By evening, amazing sunsets serve in front of your eyes. Snap a couple of pictures that will boost your Instagram feed. Your opportunity to capture dozens of Insta-worthy pics is countless. The place will inspire you over and over again.
9. Antelope canyon
Antelope canyon
Visit an outdoor and colorful place to shoot insta-worthy pics. Antelope Canyon is a wonderful place for taking some memorable photos. It is located in Page, Arizona, and it was carved by water over centuries. The heavenly canyon is like a paradise for every photographer. All the swirly and shadows rock walls can be an excellent background for your Instagram post.
The unique spot has naturally-occurring patterns and colors that are truly hard to pass up with a camera. The place is currently open to the public via tour. Different areas will positively look good on cam. The Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon have enchanting scenery for Insta pics.
Tip: Take your picture up close so that the swirling orange design of the canyon serves as a supporting background.
10. Big Sur California
Big Sur California
Stop by the romantic and Instagrammable feeling Big Sur California could bring you. It offers travelers tons of spectacular attractions. Photographers will be drawn to how beautiful it looks. The beauty of the place is everywhere. Any angles and spots could be a subject for an Instagram post.
Take a walk or drive along the beautiful jagged cliffs and stunning beaches in the Big Sur. You will have an opportunity to visit Andrew Molera Park, McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burn, and more.
11. Venise beach
Venice beach
1,2,3…click! Be creative! In Venice Beach, you may find an unlimited Instagrammable spots. Half of the boardwalk is full of street vendors, restaurants, shops, and entertainment gigs.
Put on your best suit and capture a perfect photo for your Instagram post. Every single thing you see is a work of art. The beautiful setting will convince you to come back again.
12. Newport Beach California
Newport Beach California
Take a hit on the road and get your perfect photo in Newport Beach. There are unlimited attractions the pleasant beach could offer. Put your OOTD and don’t forget to bring a camera with you. Your Instagram followers will be drawn to your eye catching posts. It will be worth sharing with them.
The beautiful beach, exciting water sports, and iconic piers will keep you company. If you’re sporty, you can go surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and building a sandcastle.
Make content for food or the place, name it, and you can have it here. You can wait for the sunset or sunrise to get a relaxing Instagram post. By looking at your photos, your Instagram followers will get a sense of how you feel about the place.
13. The Venetian Resort Las Vegas
The Venetian Resort Las Vegas
From its delectable foods, scenery, and entertainment activities, the Venetian Resort Las Vegas has it all for you. The resort captures Venice’s excitement and spirit.
The Venetian Resort is the most romantic hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Take all the beauty the resort could offer and take your best romantic shot!
14. Alamo Square Painted Ladies
Make the Painted Ladies; Alamo Square be on top of your favorite bucket list. The place received an award for being the most instagrammable place in San Francisco.
The Victorian houses are painted in a rainbow of gorgeous colors. The scenic beauty will always be a beautiful reminder of its beauty. You can take all your time admiring the pastel-colored homes. But, you can’t resist taking beautiful pictures for your Instagram feed.
At sunset, take your best shots! It will show the splendid golden glow over the Painted Ladies. In addition, you can have a cup of coffee from the Lady Falcon Coffee truck. They serve coffee every day from the middle of the park.

15. Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains
Get out of the city and be in the desert. Seven Magic Mountains is an intriguing and eye-pleasing visual art installation. You need to travel for about 10 miles to see the seven columns of bright-colored rocks. The rocks stand out because of the contrast between the dry beige desert and the colorful blocks. It guarantees you unique shots for your Instagram post. You can take a picture from many sides and have a variety of Insta-worthy pics. Get ready to fill your camera with a large collection of pictures.

16. Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of fine arts San Francisco

Capturing the timeless beauty of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is an absolute must for any photographer. Originally built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exhibition, this masterpiece is now a vibrant event space, hosting everything from corporate gatherings to elegant private galas and captivating trade shows. With its stunning rotunda and intricate details, every corner of the Palace offers a picturesque setting that’s perfect for your Instagram feed. And the best part is, it won’t cost you a dime to visit! You’re welcome to explore the enchanting grounds surrounding it and fully immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of this remarkable gem.

These Instagrammable places are just a few that California, Nevada, and Arizona could offer. There are more than these top picks that you can visit. There are tons of opportunities for you to capture and upload Instagrammable photos that will inspire your instagram followers.
Get ready with your best outfit of the day #OOTD and strike a pose like you’re on vogue. Don’t forget to pack your tripod and cameras. Whether you’re a professional or inspiring photographer, it will be worth a visit. You will be captivated by every spot these places have to offer.
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