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16 Powerful Ways To Bring Others Over To Your Side

Why is it that some people can expertly persuade others to make particular decisions, while others can never seem to persuade others to agree with them?


Why is it that certain people can command a room while others find it difficult to even grab their attention?


Why are some people able to get things done while others have a hard time getting people to do anything?


Is it something to do with charisma or intelligence?


Or are some people just born with a talent for persuading others to join their cause?


No, no, So, what exactly is it?


It all comes down to persuasion.


Yes, persuasion is an art form, and the good news is that it is something that can be learned. You can use persuasion to accomplish a lot of positive things if you know how to do it.


Persuasion can help you: sell more, get paid what you’re worth, get a new job, get well-deserved vacation days, improve your relationships, and so much more.

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Being a master of persuasion also provides you a significant competitive advantage.


Being a clear, masterful, and convincing communicator allows you to stand out from the crowd if all other factors are equal.


It ensures that your message is heard over all others. It allows you to cut through the background noise.


On the other hand, if you don’t know how to persuade people, you’ll discover that your demands are frequently denied. You’ll be frustrated, unable to comprehend why you can’t seem to get someone to do what you want.


Persuasion is not the same as manipulation, to be clear. Manipulation is the practise of using words and actions to obtain results that are usually incorrect.


Persuasion is the process of persuading others to perform things that are beneficial to both you and them.


Persuasion is the art of attaining what you want while also assisting others in getting what they want.


Persuasion is all about achieving a win-win situation.


So, how can you improve your persuasion skills?


Here are 16 tried and proven methods…

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  • October 28, 2022

    I think your blog gets prettier every time I visit, lol. So good!!
    And love the way you wrote this post. Have always had an affinity with the word persuasion, so this post was an absolute delight to read. 😀


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