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Borrowell Vs Credit Verify Which Credit Score Provider Is the Best
Why is a credit report a requirement when applying for a loan? What is a credit report, exactly? Here’s the truth. The bank or credit agency requires it to help them identify whether you are qualified for the loan or not.
A credit report is a list of all your activities related to credit. It’s like a complete history of your credit card, line of credit and mortgage payments, installments, etc. Credit reports are an essential part of one’s financial well-being and are required for things like financing a new car and renting a property. So, it is important to have an excellent credit report. What is an excellent credit report?
A perfect credit history shows never being late with payments. Some call it a credit report; others call it a credit score. Whatever they use, here are 2 excellent credit report companies in Canada that allow you to access and improve your credit score.

First, Let’s talk about Borrowell

Borrowell helps people make smarter decisions about their credit situation. Personal loans, free credit score and report monitoring, and recommendations for financial products are all available. Borrowell provides Canadians the tools they need to take control of their credit and improve their financial situation. Also, Borrowell is the first business in Canada to offer free access to credit scores and reports to Canadians.
Borrowell started in 2014 as a debt refinancing marketplace and personal loan provider. The company offers Canadians free access to credit scores through a partnership with Equifax. You can also access his online marketplace when you sign up for Borrowell’s free service where you can compare and apply for credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, insurance, and banking products.
In 2021, Borrowell acquired Refresh Financial which allows the company to offer secure credit cards and credit-building loans. Right now, they have over 2 million users in Canada.
The Benefits of Borrowell
Compared to other financial institutions, Borrowell has a number of benefits.
There are no hidden fees or costs. Borrowell doesn’t charge application fees. There are no prepayment penalties if you must pay off the loan early. You can even pay off the loan in installments rather than all at once if needed.
In addition, it’s a free online budgeting tool. It helps you understand how much money you will have available after paying your monthly bills. As a result, you can plan for expenses such as car repairs, home renovations, or travel plans.
Additionally, if you have a good credit history, they will approve your application instantly.
  • Superior bank-level security standards
  • It provides credit monitoring free of charge
  • A fantastic substitute for debt management is a credit card company.
  • Getting a loan is a fast and hassle-free application that is easy to use
  • Free credit score and improvement tips every week.
  • Limited credit selection
  • Interest rates are not as low as the Home Equity Line of Credit
  • High Risk/Return Financial Services (or Content)
Is Borrowell Legit?
Borrowell is a Canadian legal company based in Toronto, Ontario. Borrowell is not a credit bureau, but the partnership with Equifax enables them to provide credit checks and free access to credit checks. You may need to connect your credit card or bank account to your Borrowell account to get the most out of services and products.
In addition, Borrowell has invested in fraud detection and protection technology and maintains “rigorous security procedures” to ensure the safety of any financial information you share.
Borrowell’s Cost
It costs nothing to use Borrowell’s services, which include monitoring your bills and checking your credit score and report. Although it offers some free services, Borrowell is a company that generates revenue by getting people to buy and choose financial products shown on the market. Borrowell receives a referral fee for selecting products offered by Borrowell partners.

Now, Let’s talk about Credit Verify!

Credit Verify, a Canadian consumer credit report that is owned by Credique LLC, focuses on providing customers with credit education and suitable products to help them rebuild credit. There are two new products in addition to Credit Verify: Identity Protect and PMF Verify Canada. Except for Quebec, all three products are offered in all Canadian provinces.
Credit Verify is a Canadian company that provides credit checks to consumers and businesses by providing a positive or negative history of someone’s financial situation. Credit Verify is a good resource for both individuals and businesses to verify the credibility of someone who may be borrowing money from them.
Credit Verify Benefits
It helps prevent fraud by verifying a person’s credit history before issuing a loan or providing services. If a person has an outstanding debt, this can affect their ability to get credit in the future.
It helps protect consumers from identity theft by allowing them to see if any fraudulent activity is associated with their name or personal information.
Credit Verify is a credit check that uses alternative data to help you better understand a person’s financial situation.
Credit Verify provides lenders access to over 100 million people within Canada and the US, which may not show up on traditional credit reports but have access to money. These “credit invisible” include those with low incomes, no credit history, and non-status immigrants.
  • Daily Credit Monitoring Service
  • Unlimited Credit Score and Report Access
  • Real-time Credit Score Simulator
  • Debt and Credit Analysis Tools
  • Easy to do, easy to use, and free!
  • It allows you to verify your financial profile and provides a wellness score, even if you don’t have access to your credit score.
  • Gives one credit report that includes all credit lines within that one report.
  • Only because some information is provided by different companies results may not be as accurate. For example, if you have an incorrect cell phone number on your report, Credit Verify will display that information.
  • Offered in all Canada provinces except Quebec (Where I live)
Is it legit?
Credit Verify is a legitimate service, and it is safe to use. Many people have benefited from it during its 10 years of existence.
The company was founded by 2 brothers tired of being denied loans because of their bad credit ratings. They decided to do something and started this company. Their goal was to ensure that no one else would ever have to go through the same experience again.
Credit Verify helps people get out of debt by finding affordable loans they can afford to pay back on time. They won’t have to be concerned about having more applications rejected because of their poor credit score thanks to this.
Credit Verify Cost
Credit Verify provides a free credit score and only charges $1 on your credit report. At the time of subscription, the service offers a 7-day trial period during which you can use its features. To continue the service, you have to pay $34.95 per month.

Borrowell vs. Credit Verify

Borrowell and Credit Verify are 2 of Canada’s leading credit report companies. They offer a range of service options, but which one is best? I’ve compared Borrowell vs. Credit Verify to help you decide which company offers the best terms and conditions for your needs.
  • Free and easy to use app
  • A Canadian company that offers a free access to credit score and report which are updated weekly
  • Offers personal loans, investing, mortgages, insurance, banking and credit cards from over 50 financial partners
  • Customized product recommendations based on credit profile, goals and attributes
  • The first AI-powered credit coach in Canada to offer personalized advice for improving credit scores.
  • Access to the Borrowell Boost tool to manage bills and keep a healthy credit score
Credit Verify
  • Credit Verify provides Canadians with their TransUnion Credit Score and Report, which measures your credit situation based on the information available in Canada’s credit reporting system.
  • Access tools to help you manage your debt which includes a debt reduction calculator. The calculator estimates how much interest you would save by making extra monthly payments until the loan is paid off. This can help people who have trouble affording their monthly payments. But don’t have enough money to pay off their loans early.
  • Get Information on personal finances, education on what it means, suggestions for fixing bad credit, and ongoing, reliable protection
  • As a Credit Verify Premium member, you receive $25 in Reward Dollars each month. With the rewards, you can get discounts on a wide range of restaurants, activities, and clothing brands.
  • Access special offers and services, including credit cards, loans, financial assistance, and more
  • Access instantly to identity protection tools like credit and dark web monitoring, fraud warning and alerts, credit score and report, and more

In conclusion, Credit Verify and Borrowell are 2 of Canada’s top companies that help rebuild credit scores. Your credit score is comparable to your final grade, and your credit report to your financial report card. In Canada, when you apply for financial products, banks and lenders check your credit. Car dealers, insurers, landlords, potential employers and even cell phone providers can also receive a copy of your credit report to evaluate your capacity to handle debt and fulfill financial requirements. As a matter of fact, it’s critical to understand your credit.


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