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Fun things to do with the Kids at WowMoms World


Two years ago, before the pandemic hit, I had the chance to discover the universe of WowMoms World in Laval. It’s a wellness center with an innovative concept that offers programs and services for mothers and their children. The place is divided into different areas: play areas for 0-3 years old and for 4 years old and up, a well-equipped gym where many classes are offered, swim lessons, a café, spa and massotherapy. Every age group can find something that appeals to them! Plus, the décor is absolutely stunning as you can see below – exactly like something you’d see on Pinterest!


Fun things to do with the Kids at WowMoms World
Fun things to do with the Kids at WowMoms World

The organic café offers healthy snacks and meals. It’s a relaxing area for parents. Moms can drink coffee or a delicious smoothie, eat a snack or salad while kids are playing.


This site is a great place to relax and socialize with other moms while eating snacks. Besides the organic and healthy foods they serve, moms can relax while their children play, learn and enjoy various amenities at WowMoms World.

Play areas

The play area is a beautiful place where families can enjoy. When you enter the place, you’ll feel welcomed and safe. This is because the place is clean and has a non-toxic environment. Also, children will enjoy playing with toys that are BPA-free, and games that provide education and enjoyment for children.


At the same time, moms can socialize and enjoy themselves while their children are playing.

Play & learn program:

  • Little Chef Program (cooking): a 10-week program for 3 to 8 years old
  • Hip-hop: a 7-week program for 4 to 6 years old
  • Ballet: a 7-week program for 3 to 5 years old

Among the three programs, my daughter chose the cooking classes. Along with other kids, she learned to prep, mix and make meals.


Meanwhile, moms also enjoy the benefits of relaxing in the café while they cook. The good thing about it is we don’t need to clean up the mess they usually make at home! When the class is done, kids can play in the play area for free as long as they want.

Heated swimming pool

The heated swimming pool provides benefits to children: through many virtues of swimming and flotation therapy, children can enjoy swimming in a chlorine-free swimming pool. I get cold easily and this heated pool is what I always wanted in swimming lessons. In addition, being chlorine-free is just perfect as chlorine can be harmful to baby’s skin and eyes.


There are 2 types of therapy offered in this heated pool:

  1. Flotation – In this therapy, 2 to 12 months old get to explore and discover their motor skills. They also have the benefit of meeting up with other babies!
  2. Swimming – This lesson is perfect for children from 3 months to 4 years old. In addition, they have certified and experienced swimming instructors who work one-to-one with your child. This option was more suitable to what I was looking for: I wanted a private lesson where she can be in the water with an instructor instead of myself and also be able to swim underwater, unlike the flotation therapy where they are left in water alone or with other babies.
Starting from $5.99

My daughter had her first private swimming lesson with an instructor. She is in the water with someone else, not always in mommy’s arms.


We took one lesson before the pandemic hit. When we went back, she was almost 4 years old so we decided to try another program. But we would have loved to take these lessons. I believe starting swimming lessons at a young age would help children be comfortable in the water, explore and discover their motor skills.


One benefit of joining this program is that not only the children learn how to swim but it’s also an excellent extracurricular activity for them. In addition, aside from safety, children learning to swim enables them to embrace superb exercise with an excellent avenue for social interactions. With these benefits, moms enjoy watching their children make new friends while they also socialize with other moms!


Thus, if you’re a mom looking for a way for your children to learn to swim in a private setting as well as cherish moments together, WowMoms World is the perfect place!


In short, we’ll certainly go back there for a little dance lesson… and I’ll take the opportunity to enjoy a delicious smoothie!


For more details visit WowMoms World

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