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My Honest Review for Color Street Nail Polish Strips

Many women enjoy having their nails painted with colors and having a mani and pedi. Such activity is not only for grooming, but it has also been part of every woman’s self-care routine and expression. Unfortunately, a lot of factors are hindering us, women, from embracing this self-care. Thus, we are looking for any options that will not need more time to do it.


Gladly, I have discovered the most effortless and more creative way of having my nails painted. Thanks to the Nail Strips from Color Street, we don’t need to struggle to have instant nail arts because they use sticker-like polish.

About The Color Street Nail Strips

Color Street was initially developed in New Your City in 1984. In the middle of traffic, the owner witnessed a woman painting her nails. The woman has been struggling to paint her nails inside a cab. Nail polish is not easy to dry, so she imagined what would happen to the women’s nails as soon as she was out of the cab. Surely it will be a total mess.


After that, Color Street was born, and they have grown for more than 30 years. Among the amazing benefits that Color Street Nail Strip provides are:

  • They have more than 60 styles of nail strips
  • They have three types of pedicure strips
  • Their strips last ten days or more
  • The nail strips outlast regular nail polish
  • Affordable and does not chip


Moreover, Color Street is becoming popular because of its attention-grabbing, simple, dramatic, and chic nail polish strips. The company was featured in InStyle, Reader’s Digest, and The Chicago Tribune for their fantastic product.


Lastly, Color Street is selling its nail strips through independent representatives called nail stylists.

Here’s how to use the Color Street Nail Strips

  • Apply cuticle oil between applications and buff nails in between.
  • It is best to use Color Street strips before bedtime to avoid getting them wet and let polish set. In addition, apply it at room temperature.
  • If your nails are dry, wash hands with Dawn dish soap instead of the provided prep pad.
  • Start applying to your pinky finger and then work your way up to your thumb. This way you can use your thumb to help apply the nail strips to your other fingers.
  • Apply your own base coat (allow to dry) for more vital adherence before applying Color Street.
  • Apply a clear topcoat on top of your Color Street nail strips for a long-lasting results.
  • When ready to remove, use nail polish remover. Also, you can try mineral fusion.
  • If you would instead soak off, put some warm water in a bowl and put mineral fusion in a plastic bag, and soak your nails. - Top Hawaii Tours & Activities

My Personal Experience with The Color Street Nail Strips

I have decided to try Color Street nail strips because I don’t have time to apply nail polish. I got a sample from a friend to try on a few fingers and to compare its durability against nail polish or other brands of nail strips. One of the other brands I‘ve tried didn’t last more than two days and one of the nail strips ended up in my daughter’s fruit bowl. Color Street nail strips stayed up to 10 days. My nails were growing longer and the Color Street nail strips were still there. I love these so much, not only for its durability but also for all the cool and pretty nail designs available. So I’ve decided to join and get my special box for half the price instead of buying one by one.

Here what's in the Color Street starter kit

If you’re looking for the best and affordable nail strips that are mess-free, easy to use, and last longer, I would recommend to try the Color Street Nail Strips. These are perfect for those working moms and women who need easy apply and mess-free strips. These also make a great gift for any occasion or as a Thank you gift. It comes with a pack of 16 and is offered in over 60 colors, glitters, and patterns. Color Street was only available in the USA but since August 2021 they are now available in Canada!


To learn more, please check it here:

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