Quick & Easy Step Baby Food

Just like every mom we want our baby to eat healthy but with our busy schedule, most are looking for a quick and easy way to prepare baby food. With these easy steps, you know exactly what’s in your baby’s food.

Moms can make life a little easier by meal prepping for little ones days in advance. Just steam, chop and freeze baby’s favorites, starting with the Tupperware Smart Multi-Cooker, steaming fruits and vegetables retains vitamins, minerals, and moisture for healthy and delicious meals.

Here are my favorite products and the easy steps to make baby food:

Smart Multi-cooker

Add water to the base/water reservoir of the Tupperware Smart Multi-Cooker. Place shielded colander on top of base/water reservoir; add fruit or vegetable. Cover with shielded cover and microwave on high power 10 minutes.

Power Chef System

Remove from microwave, transfer fruit or vegetable to the base of the Power Chef System fitted with blade attachment. Add ½-cup plus 2 tbsp. of the water from the water tray to the Power Chef System. Cover and pull cord to puree. Continue to pull cord until desired texture. Add an additional 1 tbsp. of water as needed.

Fresh 'N Pure Ice Tray

In each cube of the Fresh ’N Pure Ice Tray, add 1 tbsp. (½ oz./15 g) of the puree. Cover and freeze up to 14 days.

Chop 'N Prep Chef

Tip for Mamas-on-the-go: Use the smaller Chop ’N Prep Chef to purée cooked food right at the restaurant table! Can perfectly fit in your diaper bag.

Tupperware has been providing family solutions for over 70 years. For over 70 years Tupperware has been designing products that help simplify people's lives. Saving time and money for the consumer by helping to keep food fresh and reduce waste has always been one of Tupperware's most important goals. Their product are BPA Free and warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product.