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Stylish Kids' Outfits Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
Today, I wanted to share with you about my recent purchase from Deux par Deux, a local business based right here in Quebec, where we live. Being someone who values sustainable practices and makes conscious consumer choices, I’m absolutely happy to support this brand. Not only did I discover the perfect clothes for my daughter, but I also discovered the story behind Deux par Deux’s commitment to the environment.
Deux par Deux is a store that parents who care about style, quality, and sustainability will absolutely love. What makes them stand out is their dedication to using recycled plastic bottles to make their clothes. It’s truly amazing how they turn this waste into soft, gorgeous fabrics that are both eco-friendly and incredibly cozy for our little ones. While Deux par Deux is indeed a fantastic brand, it’s important to note that not all of their clothes are made from recycled plastic bottles. However, they do offer a range of garments that are made from organic cotton, which is another eco-friendly and sustainable choice.
Deux par Deux kids fashion
What I love most about Deux par Deux is that they have a wide variety of clothes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion or everyday outfits, they have something for every taste and preference. Their designs cater to all kinds of preferences, ranging from fun and playful to elegant and timeless.
Since my daughter already has a bunch of clothes, I decided to buy her outfits in a size bigger than what she currently wears. That way, she can wear them next year and beyond. And guess what? My daughter actually picked out these outfits all by herself! I wanted to give her the freedom to choose whatever she likes to wear, and I’m really excited to show them to you!
So, let’s dive right in and discover the adorable outfits my daughter handpicked for herself, all made from recycled plastic bottles. Yes, you heard it right! Every single piece I purchased from Deux par Deux is crafted from recycled plastic bottles, making them both stylish and eco-friendly.


My daughter and I absolutely love this adorable two-piece swimwear! This swimsuit is the perfect balance of sportiness and cuteness. Both pieces are made from eco-friendly REPREVE® fabric, which is recycled plastic bottles, and they offer a high UPF 50+ protection rating.
One of the things that I really appreciate about this two-piece swimwear is that my daughter doesn’t have to take off her entire swimsuit when she needs to use the bathroom.
This Printed Boardshort is the perfect complement to complete the stylish look of the two-piece swimwear mentioned above. It offers great versatility since she can wear it in the water or use it as a cover-up over her swimsuit.


These leggings are not only fashionable but also comfortable. The material is soft and stretchy, so she can move around comfortably all day. The leggings are really good quality and can handle being worn every day without getting damaged. You can trust that they will last a long time.
As someone who values practicality, I absolutely love leggings that come with pockets. And guess what? These leggings have pockets specially designed for kids!
This Athletic Top in Lilac is a winner. It combines comfort, style, and sustainability all in one package. The fabric is soft against the skin and lets her move comfortably, making it ideal for all kinds of activities.
To finish off her sporty look, this Athletic Headband is perfect no matter how she wear her hair – up, down, or in a ponytail. This headband is made from stretchy recycled material and has a pretty print all over it. It also has an elastic panel at the back, so she can wear it comfortably all day.
If you’re a parent who cares about fashion, durability, and the environment, I highly encourage you to check them out. In fact, investing in sustainable fashion can be seen as a long-term investment due to the durability and quality of the products, potentially reducing the need for frequent replacements.
Even though kids tend to grow quickly, sustainable clothes have the potential to last longer, making it possible to pass them on to younger siblings or resell them. This not only extends the lifespan of the clothing but also reduces waste and contributes to a more sustainable and mindful approach to fashion.
By supporting sustainable fashion, we not only help our community thrive but also contribute to a greener and more conscious future. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a better world for ourselves and our children.

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