Top 21 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids at Home

kids craft from toilet paper roll

We have seen how technology can change our children's view of the fun. As much as we want to keep them happy, we don't want our kids to be on the screen all day. Many children nowadays have fun watching tv and playing on mobile phones, iPads, etc. This is a new form of entertainment. However, it does not help with family bonding time.

Kids nowadays are hard to entertain. Thus, parents give them gadgets to be entertained. Here are the top 21 fun activities parent can do with their kids at home.

1. Create a snow globe

Homemade globes let kids create their little wonderland straight out of their own imagination. You will need a snow globe (or any jam or jelly jar you have at home), figurines, baby oil, glue gun and glitters. I found all the materials at the dollar store for less than 10$.

Step 1: Glue the figurines inside the lid of the jar.

Step 2: Fill the globe with baby oil (leave about 2 cm unfilled).

Step 3: Add the glitter and cover the jar.

There you go! You and your kids created a wonderland at home. This is one of the fantastic and fun things to do with your kids. As much as kids enjoy making this, parents will also enjoy it.

2. Read books

When you read books to your kids, it is one of the great ways to stimulate and expand their imagination. Many parents have been doing this, especially before bedtime. They tell stories when their children are about to go to sleep. Reading books to your kids have many benefits:

  • Develop your child's understanding of sounds, words and language

  • Instill a love for reading

  • Inspire creativity and stimulate curiosity in your child

  • Develop brain concentration abilities, social and communication skills.

  • Ensure your child knows the difference between 'real' and 'make-believe.'

  • Understand how your child feels when faced with new or frightening experiences

  • Provide an opportunity to learn about the world, their own culture and other cultures.

3. Play board games

While playing board games is a fantastic way to bond with family and friends, it is also a great avenue in developing skills such as planning. There are so many board games available, but I want to emphasize on the Monopoly game.

To play Monopoly, it requires two to eight players. This is a game of real estate where the player's goal is to keep his finances solvent and drive his opponents to bankruptcy by buying and developing properties.

One of the most significant benefits and advantages of playing this game is that all ages can play this game so the entire family can play together. Another one is, it promotes bonding and interpersonal skills, boosts confidence and develops decision-making skills. Moreover, it enables spending wisely to avoid debt, and most significantly, it teaches basic money management skills.

When you play Monopoly with your kids, you are not only providing fun to them. But, you also teach them how to handle finances at an early stage.

4. Download academic printables

Who says learning is not fun? Well, there is always fun in learning, especially when parents are making sure kids are not getting bored. Thanks to FREE printable academic worksheets, parents can easily download them without paying anything. Plus, kids will love working with these worksheets because of the fun and artistic designs.

Download these free printable worksheets for your kids:

- Daily Math Worksheets for Preschool Kids (10 pages)

- Toddler Workbook 2-4 years old (101 pages)

- Dino games (12 pages)

- Space games (25 pages)

5. Make a volcano science experiment

Creating a science experiment with a volcano is another fun and exciting activity to do with your kids at home. Did you know you can make a volcano with tape? Here's what you need and how to do it.

To create a tape volcano, you will need vinegar, baking soda, acrylic paints, a plastic plate and tape. Start by taping the top of the tall plastic container to the plastic plate. This will serve as the volcano's base. Continually tape the container around and then paint your volcano with acrylic paint. After the paint has dried, add the baking soda and vinegar to the volcano and watch it erupt! A volcano can look even more realistic by adding red food coloring to make red lava.

6. Put together a puzzle

Puzzles are not only for fun, but also an important learning tool to enhance your kid's learning development. Psychologists believe that allowing a child to manipulate the world around them improves their cognitive development. Puzzles allow this to happen. You'll be surprised at how quickly they "outgrow" their age if you try to engage them in puzzles.

Playing puzzles with your kids provides the following benefits:

1. Good hand-eye coordination

2. Ability to handle fine motor tasks

3. Memory and thinking skills

4. Self-correction skills and the ability to solve problems

5. Improves their ability to concentrate and be patient

6. Creates objectives and goals

7. Recognition of shapes

8. Trying new things

9. Ability to interact socially and respect oneself

7. Do maze solving

Maze solving is another fun and exciting game to play with your kids. This is because the game consists of a collection of mazes intersecting paths intersected by dead ends. The maze player must move in one direction or to one given location like the center to play this fantastic game. The player can usually choose either one or more paths to have a chance to win.

Besides providing fun for the whole family, this game teaches children patience, persistence and problem-solving skills. Maze games challenge players to navigate through a maze while using their spatial skills and ability to assess whether their current path is clear visually. On top of that, you can also teach fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination using mazes without writing out letters or words.