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6 Tips for Taking a Relaxing and Budget-Friendly Self-Care Vacation

We tend to already think of travel as being good for the soul. So what if you maximize those soul- and mind-soothing benefits by centering your vacation around self-care? You can plan a self-care vacation on a budget as you follow these travel savings tips.

Search for Car Rental Deals

Whether you plan on taking a soul-soothing road trip or traveling by air, chances are you’ll need a car at some point along the way. Rental cars will ensure you can get around freely when flying, but renting a car can also help protect your own car from the wear and tear that comes with long road trips. Plus, renting a car is just plain fun and can even be educational if you’re thinking about trading vehicles in the near future (you can rent the model or type of vehicle you’re considering purchasing, for example). Either way, finding deals from rental companies is a safe bet to ensure travel expenses stay in your budget.


Book Package Deals at Spa Resorts

If you’re thinking about booking a massage or other self-care service while you’re on vacation, you should look into spa resorts and hotels. These are simply hotels that also offer spa packages and services to their guests, but staying overnight typically means scoring lower prices on those massages and soaks. From relaxing ayurvedic treatments in Massachusetts to healing soaks in Colorado, there are so many spa resorts out there that you can find the one that fits your self-care needs. Of course, if you prefer to stay in a vacation rental during your trip, you could always search for one that has a hot tub for some serious stress relief.


Spend Free Time Relaxing in Nature

Have you ever tried forest bathing? If not, you may want to include this soothing activity in your self-care vacation plans. Forest bathing encourages folks to spend time in the tranquility of nature, and that time can help ease feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. Plus, other than park fees, spending more time in nature shouldn’t cost you a single cent more during your trip.


Wondering which forests you should visit for the ultimate healing? Check out this guide to the best national parks in each state, so you can keep your travel expenses low by visiting a forest closer to you. You can also opt for some beach time during your vacay if that helps you unwind. Wherever you go, be sure to travel safely by having your smartphone handy at all times, and make sure your phone stays functional in the event of an accident or drop by getting a reliable screen protector.

Score Discounts on Plane Tickets

If your self-care vacation plans have you traveling long distances, your best bet may be to travel by plane. Air travel can be one of the most expensive forms of travel though, so you need to be pretty savvy to keep tickets and other costs under budget. Some flight savings tips you can use to make your trip more affordable include printing your boarding passes at home, checking out airline deal pages and avoiding booking flights during peak travel seasons. Many airlines also offer credit card deals with rewards so you can save even more on your tickets.


Plan a Low-Cost Self-Care Staycation

Depending on your budget and other factors, you may not have the time or money to splurge on a self-care vacation just yet. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the stress-relieving benefits of a self-care weekend or holiday. A self-care staycation can provide just as many benefits for your mental and physical health. What’s more, making plans to relax closer to home can provide bigger benefits for your wallet. Clean your home, put on some soothing scents, and spend the weekend nourishing your mind and body with healthy foods and plenty of rest. Trust us – your budget and your body will thank you!

Look for Help Planning Your Self-Care Vacation

If planning a vacation has never been your strong suit, you have options. Although you could use a travel agency to help you book your ideal getaway, you can actually hire freelancers to assist you. By enlisting the services of a travel expert, they can help you put together an itinerary to the place you’d love to visit most. Just remember to quickly check that freelancer’s reviews; you don’t want to get stuck with a vacation that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons.


A self-care vacation should feel like a luxury, but it doesn’t have to come with a luxury price tag. You can always search for deals and online promotions, or you can plan for a more budget-friendly self-care staycation. Either way, you should be treating yourself to the self-care and relaxation your brain, body, and soul need to help you thrive.

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