Our Top 8 Things to Do in Laval with Kids (Qc, Canada)

mom and daughter sitting on rocks at the lake

Laval is the city’s largest suburb. Sitting just north of Montreal, it offers plenty of things to do to entertain the whole family. Laval has a wide variety of family activities, from outdoor to indoor attractions for all ages.

We love to explore new places and spend time outside, so I have made a list of the most enjoyable places we've been.

If you are planning to enjoy a quick trip to Laval, be sure to check out these places.

1. Horse riding Equitation Bonanza

If you love horse riding or just want to try something different with your kids, then you may want to visit Équitation Bonanza. This riding center offers group and individual riding lessons for children, adolescents and adults. In a relaxed atmosphere, this activity allows children to develop self-confidence, perseverance, coordination of movements and concentration. A few weeks ago, my daughter asked to ride a horse. At the beginning, I wasn't sure if she should go on the horse alone or with me since I can't even ride a horse, and animals scare me a little. But at Équitation Bonanza, kids under 5 years old get to ride a pony supervised by a staff. We tried a 30-minute session which she learnt to brush, saddle, develop confidence and communication with the pony, and develop technical and coordination skills. She loved her experience so much she keeps telling me this is her most favorite activity.

2. Explore the outer space at Cosmodome

Cosmodome is a great place for everyone, mostly for those who love space sciences and exploration.

Kids can enjoy a 60-minute virtual mission journey where they will explore the outer space. A Space summer camp is offered to children from 9 to 15 years old where they will experience the outer space and sleep in space modules, just like those on the International Space Station. When we went there, my daughter was too young to do any of those activities. We only visited the museum where you can see all the different planets. She was amazed by all the colourful objects.


3. Centropolis in winter ice skating

A must-do activity during winter in the hottest spot in Laval! The whole family can enjoy this ice skating rink throughout winter for free. My daughter was 2 years old the first time she went on the ice rink using the support. She had so much fun just skating around in her boots!


4. Ice fishing on Riviere des mille-iles

Learn ice fishing on Mille île River. During this activity, adults and kids are learning about different ice fishing techniques and the many species of fish in the river. You can also enjoy their heated cabins while enjoying this amazing experience with kids.


5. Musee pour enfants

A museum where kids from 2 to 8 years old can explore a variety of professions. They can become for one day, a policeman, a veterinarian, a cow boy, a singer, an astronaute, a teacher, a pilot and much more! Our kids loved this place so much they could spent the whole day there!


6. Illumi A Dazzling World of Lights by Cavalia

In this magical path, the whole family can enjoy this unique universe lit up by 20 million LED lights on 3 kilometres. Illumi is the best place if you have kids, they will be so amazed by all the lights. Our second time there, we decided to walk instead of driving because the best experience is by foot. You get in faster and can spend more time to take pictures. The drive through has its advantages: you stay warm in the comfort of your car and you can eat while you look.

They will be back for 3rd edition in October 2021.


7. Enjoy the outdoors:

Berge des baigneurs

A nice place to walk or bike by the lake. We love having family picnics while enjoying the sunset view. Kids love this place since there are lots of geese and ducks. It's a great place to bring the kids for some fresh air and exercises.

Berge aux quatre-vents

This cute little spot is a great place to set up a picnic, play volleyball, or just let the kids play in the sand while you enjoy some sunshine. There is a little children's playground, a carved tree with a small game. I have seen only 1 toilet (blue cabin) near the parking lot. Both time we went there, there were people everywhere, a lot of people were swimming. What I like about this place is I could bring our inflated kayak and paddle board and spend the whole day.

What I dislike most was the dirtiness of the place, I saw some waste, cigarette butts, garbage of all kinds all over the beach and in the bushes. Please make sure to not litter so we can keep this beach clean and enjoyable for everyone.

It is free of charge to launch your personal non-motorized boat. This beach is about 1 1\2 km. The beach section is on Riviera Street between 29th Avenue to 7th.

Parc des chênes

Small but a lovely place to relax and enjoy the sunset by the lake. Here you can access to the marina, curling club and kids playground.

Centre de la nature

Open all year long. A perfect place to visit especially for families or nature lovers. Kids have access to a big playground without sand! On 50-hectare land, the Centre de la nature is one of the most beautiful park in Laval. You can visit a farmhouse and greenhouse, and enjoy the walking paths, ice rink and cross-country ski trails in winter time.

8. Zone 15 Fluorescent Mini golf

Indoor fluorescent 13-hole mini-golf on two floors for all ages! The first time we went there she was only 21 months old and was just amazed by all the lights from the tropical jungle and the captivating underwater world. In zone 15, older kids and adults can enjoy the most sophisticated Laser Tag system in North America and racing simulators.


*Due to covid-19, some places may be temporarily closed. Please make sure to check before you decide to visit these places.

Here's a list of other places you can visit in Laval. We haven’t been there yet, but they are on our list to visit. We will be adding photos as soon as we will visit these places, and of course, after covid.