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Blogging has grown in popularity as a means of creating and spreading information, ideas, and knowledge. Aside from the fact that it's fun and interesting to create content in which you can share your insights and can passionately express yourself, running a blog can also generate money. Yes, by putting in some effort, keeping your blog up and running, and monetizing it, you can convert your blog into an income-generating asset. Making money from a blog is pretty challenging because you have to have at least a hundredth of viewers on your blog to make money. In addition, generating income from your blog will take some time and effort.

In this article, I will suggest ways to monetize your blog and generate income from it using several strategies. So, to turn your blog into a source of passive income, try these 10 useful tips.

1. Sell Digital Products to Your Audience

A digital product is a piece of media that you sell online but doesn’t need to have to be physical. These digital products are more sustainable because they can be easily sold and distributed to your target market. The advantage of this is that you don't have to replenish it, and it's very simple to create without putting much effort into it.

Also, digital products that you can sell online include eBooks, audio and music, digital arts and graphics, video, courses, web applications, software programs, podcasts, and other digital products. Online entrepreneurs often use digital selling to grow and expand their businesses. As a result, it's highly recommended that you have your own site or any media platform where you can sell your digital products so that you can keep control over the relationship with your customers.

Here’s an exemple from one of my digital products: Lightroom Presets

2. Sell Physical Products to Your Audience

When selling physical products to your audience, the first thing that you need to do is identify your target market. Identifying your target market will help you determine what specific product you will offer them to effectively meet and satisfy their wants and needs. For instance, you’re an author and you create a book. Creating a book with KDP Amazon will be so much more effective in selling your physical products. Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon's largest publishing platform, where it assists self-published authors in getting their books noticed, reaching millions of readers worldwide, and, of course, the best part is Amazon do all the printing and shipping for you.

You can publish your books on Amazon KDP for free, but if you want to get your book easily noticed, then you need to pay for advertising. Amazon KDP is undeniably valuable and profitable. All you need to invest in is your time and effort, but you must also enhance your research skills and KDP niche to be successful.

Another option you can do with Amazon KDP is you can publish low content books. Low-content books, are books that don't have much content in them like journals, planners and log books. Those kinds of books sell very fast on amazon and you will get a lot of sales in a short amount of time if you do it right. This is probably one of the easiest options and that's why so many people choose this option.

Click here to see my collection of KDP Low content books

Do you want to learn how to quickly make your first low-content book on amazon, but don't know where to start? This is the course for you if you want to learn how to make low-content books like notebooks, calendars, logs, journals, and more. The Low-content book creation course can help you in getting started today without being overwhelmed or spending a lot of money on inventory.

3. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising approach in which a company pays others (ex: bloggers) to promote and attract more potential customers.


Amazon’s Associate's Program is an affiliate marketing program that helps bloggers, content creators, and publishers monetize their traffic. They advertise and promote products on Amazon by creating sites and links for products you want to promote. Whenever a customer made a purchases through one of your links, you can automatically earn and receive a commission.

Share A Sale

You can either use ShareASale.com to advertise and promote your products. It’s also an affiliate marketing network with experience in marketing and advertising for more than two decades. They guide and help merchants, publishers, and website owners with promotions and product optimization. Just like on Amazon, they also create links for your products and can get a sales commission and referrals whenever a customer purchases products through one of your links. ShareAsale.com is also free. You can sign up here and just simply follow a few steps.

Commission Junction

You may also drive more sales and successfully promote your products and services through Commission Junction. CJ Network is one of the oldest and largest online advertising networks for digital and physical products. They effectively promote connections between marketers and publishers to reach and engage millions of online customers. Just like mentioned above, they also create links for your products and get paid a commission for the sales made via your affiliate link. This one is my favorite as they offer affiliate program with popular brands like Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Nike, Bebe, Ssense, CityPass, etc.


Hundreds of affiliate programs in different niches are available through Impact. Southwest Vacations, Best Buy, Hilton, Atmosphere, Decathlon, Sport Check, Foot Locker and Udemy are just a few of the leading advertisers who have selected Impact to work with affiliate marketers all over the world. You have the option of searching the entire market and applying to as many affiliate marketers as you like. It's entirely free to sign up for Impact.

4. Advertise on Your Blog with Pay-per-click (PPC)


Another great way to effectively monetize your blog is through Adsense. Adsense is an excellent avenue to create targeted ads. Through Adsense, you’ll earn revenue when a visitor of your blog clicks the link. Also, through the Cost-per-Click payment system, a publisher earns 68% while 32% goes to Google (as a commission). To calculate your revenue, you can use a revenue calculator to see how much you earn when your blog has 1000 clicks. Using Google Adsense for your blog can make you 100$, 200$, or even 1000$ a day.


Mediavine is another ad management platform that works a little differently than Adsense and other networks. Their ad management tools take care of everything for you, and they're a wonderful fit as your blog grows.

To be accepted, Mediavine requires 50,000 monthly sessions (about 60,000 pageviews).

5. Sell ad space

Selling Ad Space can also be a good way to monetize your blog. It involves designating the available areas of your blog for ad serving. Selling Ad Space provides publishers with direct interaction with media clients, allowing them to generate a passive income. These Ad Spaces come in a variety of forms, including banner ads, sponsored content, pop-ups, and display advertisements. These advertisements are sold either through bidding processes or adversely to advertisers. But before you can start selling advertising space on your website, you must meet all of the criteria as a digital publisher, such as having a sufficient amount of traffic, content relevance, navigability, etc.

6. Generate Revenue with Sponsored Posts/Reviews

Getting revenue from sponsored posts/reviews is another effective way to generate income from a blog. When you say sponsored posts/reviews, a company will pay a certain amount to the website owner in exchange for feedback or reviews, which is probably good and honest feedback. As a result, a blogger's product/brand will be more accessible to their audience, presumably resulting in increased sales.

In addition, sponsored posts/reviews are a form of influencer marketing wherein it helps a business’s brand grow and increase sales. Also, most businesses use this marketing strategy to expand their market size. So for you to generate passive income from a review, you'll reach out to any businesses that are related to your niche who are interested in paying for your review concerning their products or services, or they will directly reach you for a sponsored review.

7. Turn Your Blog Into a Membership Site

Turning your blog into a membership site allows you to monetize your blog by offering premiums to your audience to have access to your exclusive content. You can use it as a way to boost your income with your blog and your knowledge.

Another thing is, if you're already generating sufficient traffic to your blog, you might want to consider allowing your readers and audience to be members of your exclusive membership site. A membership site offers exclusive content and guarantees your audience will have consistent and unrestricted access to your exclusive content. When your audience enjoys your content and it satisfies their specific needs, they may be willing to pay more to obtain access to your premium content. You can create a membership site like online tutoring membership sites, niche information membership sites, career coaching membership sites, business development membership sites, or any site that caters to the specific needs of your targeted audience.

8. Offer Online Courses

Offering online courses is one of the most popular ways for bloggers to generate passive income. Online courses are a marketing strategy that helps you build relationships with your target customers. In addition, it's an opportunity for you to introduce and show your customers what your brand is all about and what makes it better than other competitors. Before you create and offer online courses, you must first engage with your audience and determine how to accommodate their specific needs.

First off, survey your target audience to see if the courses you're offering are of interest to them. It would be preferable if you could be more specific with your content. Next is to review your blog analytics, pick your top and most popular articles. Then, convert them into coaching programs, tutorial videos, modules, PDF’s, e-learning, boot camps, and more. After that, you may upload them to an online course platform like Udemy, Teachable, LearnWorldS, Podia, Simplero, Skillshare and Kajabi

On top of that, when offering an online course, all you need is some knowledge and skills and the ability to express yourself passionately about the course. While you're earning, you also help people enhance their expertise.

9. Start a Podcast

A podcast is an audio recording of a discussion regarding a particular topic. This medium can be a great way to get your message out to your target audience and for your brand to be acknowledged regardless of where they are in the world. It also fosters a strong connection with your customers, listeners, and prospective clients. Even well-known bloggers think about including podcasts in their blog content because it can help their brand to become more exposed while also generating a significant revenue stream. To start a podcast, make sure your content is relevant. In addition, make sure it presents and delivers your message in connecting with your listeners/audience. When people love your podcast performance, you'll have a higher chance of earning more income.

10. Accept Donations on Your Blog

Accepting online donations is another good attempt to make money from your site. However, to encourage readers to donate to your site, you must first gain their trust and maintain a high-quality, entertaining, and relevant blog. Donations can be solicited on both nonprofit and for-profit websites. By collecting donations on your blog or site, you can use donations to fund your creative and professional projects, as well as to develop and expand your website, business, or organization. You can accept donations with Wordpress plugins like PayPal, Give, Venmo, GoFundMe, and Charitable. If you're with Wix you can make your own HTML donation button from Paypal. Don't forget to express your gratitude whenever your audience provides you with support in the form of donations.

When you monetize your blog, it's crucial to understand what specific actions to take for your site; otherwise, you'll end up wasting too much time on nothing. So, if you want to start generating passive income through blogging, consider those effective strategies mentioned above and turn your blog into a source of income.

Do you have other effective tips to monetize your blog? Please share in the comment below!


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