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5 Proven Strategies to Increase Emotional Intelligence

In many ways, emotional intelligence is difficult to define, especially with the present emphasis on mental strength. While the two are interrelated, working on emotional intelligence as a separate exercise can be beneficial.

There are five proven methods for boosting emotional intelligence

1 – Social Situations

The primary way to improve emotional intelligence is to learn how to handle oneself in social situations. Some people dislike social situations, although they are typically the most effective method to succeed. Consider public speaking or debate if you really want to boost your emotional intelligence. These aren’t just mental exercises; they’ll also demand emotional skills to be successful.


2 – Express Yourself

The vast majority of people are unable to communicate effectively. In many respects, society pushes us to suppress our feelings, with the politically correct movement preventing people from speaking their minds. Learn to express yourself as much as possible to counteract this. You can write or paint in ways that express how you actually feel even if you are not in a public situation. Expression is necessary for happiness, and its opposite, repression, leads to a miserable life.


3 – Participate in charitable activities

While many people are focused on accumulating material goods, research have shown that giving things away and volunteering can actually boost life meaning and pleasure. Observing how other people cope with adversity is a great method to improve emotional intelligence. It will make you more empathic and kind.

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4 – Have a direct conversation

Finding someone close to you (such as your partner) and discussing how you feel is the most straightforward way to improve your emotional intelligence. This will assist you in comprehending how the other person feels as well as allowing you to express any pent-up feelings. Personal mastery can be enhanced by releasing bottled-up energy because there will be less to keep you back. Good listeners are hard to come by, but they are priceless.


5 – Evaluation

The majority of people exist in their own personal bubbles. The authoritarian manager, for example, may have no notion how he or she is perceived by others. To develop your emotional intelligence, you can evaluate how you make people feel. Journaling your daily experiences and quiet reflection are two other ways to evaluate your emotional intelligence. Always keep in mind that your connection with yourself will reflect your relationship with others.


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Emotional Intelligence


  • July 2, 2022

    Great tips! Especially love the one about expressing ourselves 🙂


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