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Acid Vs Alkaline Diet

The internal system of our bodies requires a pH of just above 7.0; our immune, enzymatic, and healing mechanisms all work best in this alkaline range.


If our bodies get too acidic, or have a PH below 7, we may start to suffer a variety of symptoms:

  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Nasal congestion
  • Hives
  • Muscle Ache
  • Weak nails, dry skin, dry hair
  • Colds, flu, and infection are common.
  • Headaches

If you have these symptoms and eat items that make your body acidic, you may need to eat an alkaline diet to balance it out.

What foods cause the body to become acidic?

Dairy and dairy substitutes, animal meat, most grains, chickpeas, seasonings, aspartame, prunes, chocolate, peanuts, alcohol, and a variety of other foods are among those that cause the body to become too acidic.


The solution to balancing your PH is simple and logical: eat more alkaline-producing foods. Watermelon, lime, mango, most vegetables, vegetable juices, almonds, sprouts, avocados, and green tea are just a few of these foods. 


The changes that occur when your body gets more alkaline are quite amazing! It will appear miraculous, but everything is completely regular. You will feel what we all have the right to experience, but we aren’t aware of it. 


The following are some of the advantages: 

Rapid weight loss is possible. 

Increased vitality 

The need for less sleep, 

Improved skin and hair condition

A more positive mental attitude


Is it reasonable to pursue these advantages? I believe so, and everyone who disagrees with me is insane! Fortunately, gradually alkalising your body is not difficult. Take it day by day, incorporating more and more green foods into your diet, and reducing the amount of cups of coffee you consume each day, and you’ll soon see results.

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