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Is Q-trade Direct Investing Right For You? Let's Discuss
Are you wondering if it’s worth it to invest in Qtrade Direct Investing? What’s the payoff like? Should I take the plunge or stay on the sidelines? It’s an excellent question; you need to answer it before diving into investments.
Financial investing involves taking on risk for potential gains. When you invest in something, there could be positive or negative returns. Still, you don’t know if they will be positive or negative. The reason behind this is that you invest in a company, and they do their thing, but you don’t know whether they’ll make a profit or not until much later. It means that their earnings affect your profit as well.
Investing your money has some advantages. For future ambitions, to help in times of need, job loss, or both, you want to build wealth. You must also take advantage of compounding and adjust for inflation to save your money from depreciating over time.
Additionally, investment is crucial to help you reach your goals if you intend to retire and stop working. Qtrade can help you succeed by helping you diversify your investments and choose the right ones.

What is Qtrade

Qtrade is a Canadian self-directed online brokerage where you can purchase and sell: stocks, ETFs, options, and other financial products using a variety of online brokerage accounts.
Qtrade offers clients access to real-time quotes, research, and daily market commentary. It provides competitive pricing and market-leading client service combined with independent research and tools to offer exceptional value for self-directed investors.
The ability to reduce investing fees, increase returns, and take control are just a few advantages of managing your portfolio.
Residents of Canada can access Qtrade in all of the country’s provinces and territories.
Qtrade gives users a range of non-registered and registered account types including:
  • Cash (individual and joint)
  • Margin (individual and joint)
  • TFSAs
  • RRSPs
  • RIFs
  • RESPs (individual and family plans)
  • Corporate and other non-personal accounts.
Over 100,000 customers from all over Canada rely on Qtrade as their online broker. It’s also a dependable partner for many of Canada’s top financial institutions. Canadians have had access to online brokerage services through Qtrade since 2000. English and French are available to investors.

Key Attributes and Advantages:

Offers a commission-free ETF program: Trade 105 ETFs (buy and sell) without minimum fees. Consider trading XEQT without paying any commissions.
Qtrade provides trading in bonds, GICs, options, and equities (including OTC/Pink sheet and New Issues), among other products.
According to The Globe and Mail (2022) and Surviscor, Qtrade is the top online brokerage in Canada (2021). They provide live chat, secure web messaging, email, or call their award-winning customer support and trade teams by telephone.
  • Qtrade has an app compatible with iOS, Android, and MobileWeb for other mobile browsers. The customer onboarding experience is entirely adaptable and responsive.
  • You can transfer money quickly between your bank account by linking it to your Qtrade profile.
  • Plus, transferring accounts from other institutions is simple and easy and can be completed online.
  • No minimum amount to get started.
  • The Canadian Investor Protection Fund protects customers’ accounts within specified limits.
  • Qtrade provides a full suite of educational resources for those new to investing and those already on their way.
  • Available in both English and French.
  • Available to Canadian residents only.

Qtrade’s Pros and Cons

One of Qtrade’s advantages is its inexpensive trading costs for various asset types. It includes stocks, ETFs, bonds, and mutual funds. Many different account types are available, and opening an account is simple. Additionally, Qtrade provides excellent instructional resources.
The only markets that Qtrade’s products serve are those in Canada and the United States. They must give their web and mobile applications a new appearance and feel. Meanwhile, the absence of electronic wallets or credit/debit card integration restricts deposit and withdrawal alternatives.

Prices for Qtrade Commissions

The cheap fees associated with Qtrade are among its best features. You will pay 8.75 $CAD for each trade in stocks. You will pay 0$ for over 100 ETFs.
Qtrade’s fees outperform the following:
  • Scotia iTrade
  • BMO InvestorLine
  • TD Direct Investing
It hasn’t completely abandoned fees. It’s more affordable than many of its competitors.
It’s also noteworthy that Qtrade typically doesn’t charge its customers ECN (electronic communication networks) fees. It’s a break from competitors. Many of whom add these fees to their advertised trading commissions.
Additionally, Qtrade charges a 25$ quarterly account maintenance fee. The majority of investors avoid this cost. It is waved in the following circumstances:
  • Have an account balance of at least 25,000$.
  • Traded at least eight commissionable shares or options in the previous year. It can also be at most two commissionable shares or options in the most recent quarter.
  • Deposit 100$ or more regularly.
  • You must be between 18 and 30 old. Set up a pre-authorized monthly deposit of 50$ or more to qualify for the young investor program.
It’s good if you satisfy these fee-waiver requirements. Qtrade is more lenient than many other brokerages in this regard.
You only need to fulfill one to avoid paying any maintenance costs.

Trade Costs on Qtrade

Although options fees are expensive, Qtrade offers minimal stock, ETF, bond, and mutual fund fees. You can qualify for lower stock and option expenses if you trade more frequently or have a larger account balance.
The cost schedule is clear and straightforward to comprehend.

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Fees for stocks and ETFs

The stock and ETF commissions charged by Qtrade are typically minimal and comparable to those of its direct rivals.
Check out Qtrade’s margin rates if you like margin trading for stocks.
Margin trading essentially entails borrowing money from your broker so that you can buy more shares or other assets. It’s the interest rate charged on this borrowed money, and you must pay it. And it might account for a considerable portion of your trading expenses.

The margin rates at Qtrade are typical.

For margin trading, Qtrade levies a base rate and markup. The base rate was 2.45% for loans in Canadian dollars. 3.25% for US dollars at the time of our evaluation. It determines the markup by your debit balance. Margin rates depend on your currency, quarterly transaction volume, and account balance.
Fund fees
Mutual fund transactions on Qtrade are free of commission.
Bond costs
Qtrade generally has low bond fees. Questrade offers free bond trading among its closest rivals, but RBC Direct Investing’s bond fees, while equivalent to Qtrade’s, are less clear.
Qtrade sells Canadian primarily government, provincial, municipal and corporate bonds. With a minimum fee of 24.99 $CAD. It had a maximum price of 250 $CAD. It charges 1 $CAD for every 1,000 $CAD of face value.
Option costs
Qtrade options costs are expensive.
It costs an 8.75$ flat price plus 1.25$ in variable fees for each contract. You can execute more than 150 trades (all trades, not just options) or have an account balance of at least 500,000$. It will reduce the flat cost to 6.95$.
Non-trading charges
The non-trading costs at Qtrade are varied. While withdrawals and deposits are free, an account cost works similarly to an inactivity fee. If you don’t meet any of the following conditions, Qtrade will charge you a 25$ quarterly account fee:
  • You have an account balance of more than 25,000$.
  • You made at least 2 stock or options trades last quarter.
  • In the previous 12 months and traded at least 8 stocks or options.
  • You receive at least 100$ in automated payments each month.
  • You are between 18 and 30; each month, you deposit at least 50$ into your account.
Various extra costs could be associated; here are a few instances:
  • If you close your account within the first year of its opening, it charges you 100$.
  • The cost of transferring away assets is 150$.
  • It charges a 15 $ quarterly fee if you USD as the base currency for registered accounts (LIF, RIF). This fee is waived for Investor Plus.

New Updates (July 2022) about Qtrade Direct Investing:

1. Qtrade now offer pre-market and after-hours trading for US markets.
  • Pre-market trading is available from 8:30-9:30am ET (5:30-6:30am PT).
  • After-hours trading is available from 4:00-5:00pm ET (1:00-2:00pm PT).
Currently, these trades can only be made over the phone with an Investment Representative. Qtrade intends to eventually incorporate extended market orders to its online platform.
2. Portfolio Score ESG, the newest addition to Qtrade’s award-winning portfolio analytics products, has just been released.
The Portfolio Score, Portfolio Simulator, and Portfolio Creator tools from Qtrade now provide ESG scores. By offering ESG insights at both the portfolio and individual security level, Portfolio Score ESG includes analysis.
Qtraders may explore how each of their holdings are scored against major ESG components:
Qtrade updates
Qtraders may checked the ‘Include ESG Score’ option to see how ESG impacts their Portfolio Score:

Portfolio Score ESG is a continuation of their emphasis on ESG from earlier initiatives (such as the 100+ commission-free ETFs) and aligns with the broader ESG goals of their parent company Aviso Wealth.

Is Qtrade the Right Option for you?

When selecting a brokerage, you should focus on three main factors:
  • Fees
  • Research
  • Ease of use
On each of these three criteria, Qtrade performs admirably.
It’s not the lowest in Canada in terms of fees. Even so, it’s less expensive than the big bank brokers.
It provides sufficient data, ratings, and charts for research purposes. You may make well-informed trading judgments.
And in terms of usability, it is unrivaled. It has a straightforward design that never causes confusion.
Overall, Qtrade has an amazing selection of tools. It may help novice and experienced investors.
Qtrade is an excellent company with many opportunities and a perfect vision for the future. With this company, you can make good money.
Will I recommend it to my friends? Maybe yes. Why? Qtrade is a good platform that gives you a knowledge base where you can learn and get a lot of support. Investing in it can help you make money.
Additionally, enjoy the investment process like me, who made money while trading daily. If you’ve gone through this post, I’m sure you’d have made a fair decision on Qtrade.
It would help if you choose a suitable broker for your trading needs. Whether they guide you in this aspect or not. Note to always read above carefully. Choose wisely from the options by picking the best. I hope this post is helpful for your trading needs.

Enter promo code OFFER150 to get this offer

Valid from June 29, 2023 – October 31, 2023

* Conditions apply

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