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Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron Toy Review

Today, I want to tell you about a super fun toy called the Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron from Moose Toys. My daughter picked out this toy last Christmas, way back in 2022, and she’s been playing with it ever since! Yep, that’s right, it’s still one of her favorite toy even now in 2024.


So, let me share with you why this toy is so special and why my daughter just can’t get enough of it!

About The Magic Mixies Cauldron

The Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron is a toy that lets kids experience real magic! They can create their own furry friend by mixing a special potion using the Cauldron and a Wand. Just by following the spell in the Spell Book, adding the magic ingredients step by step, and tapping the Cauldron with the Wand, they can witness real mist rising from the Cauldron, revealing their magical creation – a cute Magic Mixie! These adorable creatures are interactive and react to kids’ touch and wand movements. With over 50 sounds and reactions, the fun never ends. Kids can repeat the magical reveal over and over again to amaze their friends. They can pick either a pink or blue Magic Mixie to start their magical adventure!

Magic Mixies Magical Cauldron

What’s Inside the Box

Let’s take a peek inside the box to see what’s included:

  • Cauldron

  • Magic Mixie: A furry stuffed animal that magically appears after completing the magic spell. Available in either blue or pink.

  • Magic Wand: Used to interact with the cauldron and perform magical spells.

  • Spell Book: Provides instructions on how to mix potions.

  • Magical Potions: Ingredients needed to mix potions and create a furry friend.

  • Mist Bottle: Used to create mist for magical effects.

  • Potion Bottle: Used to add water when mixing potions.

  • Magical Box: A special container to store the magical potions.

  • Reset Key: A key to reset the cauldron to play again.

  • Charging Cord: Used to recharge the magical cauldron.

This toy has small parts, so it’s best to keep it away from little kids (under 3). Since it involves following instructions and playing along, it’s recommended for kids ages 5 and older to enjoy safely.

Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron toy

How to Mix Potions

First, make sure the Play Mode Switch is set to ‘Create Mode’. If it’s set to ‘OFF’ or ‘Spell Mode’, mist won’t be created. Throughout the process, the cauldron will guide you with a glowing light and a tap sound. Remember to tap the cauldron 3 times with the wand to proceed to the next step.


Creating your very own Magic Mixie with the cauldron involves following 8 simple steps. These steps are explained in the Spell Book included with the set, but let’s break them down here for clarity.


  1. Add Water: Begin by filling the potion bottle #1 with water up to the fill line and pouring it into the cauldron. Listen for bubbling sounds, then tap the cauldron 3 times to move to the next step.

  2. Sound Dust: Pour the sound dust from the package marked with a #2 into the cauldron. Stir to dissolve while listening carefully for the tap sound.

  3. Glimmer Star: Drop the glimmer star #3 into the cauldron. Stir to dissolve and wait the tap sound to proceed.

  4. Magic Feather: Add the magic feather #4 and drop it into the cauldron, stir, and tap 3 times.

  5. Fizz Flower: Pour the Fizz Flower #5. Stir to dissolve and tap when you hear the tap sound.

  6. Crystal Gem: Add the Crystal Gem #6. Stir to break it up and tap 3 times.

  7. Naming Scroll: Write your Magic Mixie’s desired name on the naming scroll from the package marked with a scroll and 7. Drop it into the cauldron, stir, and tap 3 times.

  8. And finally, don’t forget to say the magic words “MAGICUS MIXUS”! Get ready because something truly amazing is about to happen!


Once you finish saying the magic words, real mist will come out of it, and your Magic Mixie will start making cute sounds. Remember, at this point, keep your hands and wand away from the Cauldron. After about 30 seconds, you will see the Mixie magically appear inside! Don’t worry if there’s a lot of mist, that’s totally normal! The entire process usually takes about 15 minutes.

Interacting with Magic Mixies

Once the Magic Mixie appears, kids can have a lot of fun interacting with it! The Magic Mixie makes different cute sounds and reactions. Kids can use their wand to interact with their new magical pet friend by tapping the Mixie Gem; it will make cute little responding sounds, almost like it’s really talking to them in their own language. It’s a magical moment that kids will love!

Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron toy

Why My Daughter Can’t Get Enough of the Magic Mixies Cauldron

My daughter is a huge fan of science projects and mixing things together, so the Magic Mixies Cauldron is absolutely perfect for her. She gets so excited about creating different potions and seeing what happens next – it’s like she’s casting real spells! Seeing the joy in her eyes as she mixes potions in the cauldron and listens to the special sounds is really heartwarming. It’s a really fun way for us to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.


What’s also really fun is that my daughter loves showing her magic tricks to her friends. It’s so exciting to watch her friends’ eyes light up with amazement and truly believe that she’s performing real magic. This adds an extra level of fun to the entire experience!


If you have a child who enjoys magic tricks or loves to experiment like a little scientist, this toy is a must-have addition in their collection. This toy is great because it encourages kids to make their own potions by following easy steps. This activity isn’t just fun—it also helps with their development. Following steps teaches them important skills like problem-solving and following directions. Plus, it keeps them entertained for hours!

Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron toy

The Refill Pack

The Magic Mixies refill pack is like a treasure chest full for more magic! Inside, you will find everything needed to create 2 new spells – the Luck Spell and Wishing Spell. It’s a great way to keep the fun going! While the Cauldron comes with just 1 pack to start, the refill pack means the adventure doesn’t have to stop – your kids can keep making magic whenever they want!

I initially bought 1 refill pack for the Magic Mixies Cauldron, but my daughter keeps asking to play again and again. However, once the refill pack is done, instead of buying another one, she discovered that she can still create magic tricks with just water and the mist. The small mist bottle included in the box can produce about 10 magic tricks. While it’s convenient to have the refill pack for making specific magic spells, the downside is that the toy only includes 1 magic set, and the refill pack provides ingredients for just 2 additional magic spells. Since the mist bottle lasts longer, kids can continue making magic tricks with the mist and water, but they won’t be able to create the mixing potion for the magic spells without buying the refill pack.


Overall, this toy is super fun, and I’m glad that my daughter doesn’t keep asking for more refill packs, which could end up costing a lot over time. She’s perfectly content playing with just the mist and water, and I believe the mist is what really makes the magic tricks exciting. But obviously, it’s even more fun when they have all the magical potions to mix!

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