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This New Canadian Neo Cards Will Change the Way you Spend, Save & Earn rewards

Neo Financial, founded in 2019, is a Canadian company offering a cashback credit card and highest interest savings account. By using technology to simplify finances and create rewarding experiences for all Canadians, Neo is revolutionizing the way people spend, save, and earn rewards – all in one place. Since Neo provides 100% digital financial services, they don’t have any physical locations. This means, you can access your money account on Neo’s website or mobile app to pay bills, make deposits, send Interac e-Transfers® instantly and invest.


Since 2022, Neo Financial has been offering 2 new products under its brand: Neo Mortgage™ and Neo Invest™. With its current range of 5 products, there is something for everyone!


In today’s post, I will introduce you to 2 Neo Financial products: the Neo Card™ (I’ve been using this card for a while now.) and Neo Money™ Account. I will go through the pros and cons about these products, so you can decide which one is right for you, or even both!

Neo your multi tool for money

What is the Neo Card™

Neo Card™ is a credit card that offers cashback when it is used to make a purchase. With a Neo Card™, you can support local businesses by earning cashback at thousands of your favourite places, such as restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and gyms.


Neo is one of many different types of credit cards available in Canada. Still, it’s one of the new and most popular among savvy shoppers. The Neo Card™ is an example of a no annual or monthly fees cashback credit card. That’s right! Unlike other credit cards, you don’t need to pay an annual or monthly fee to use the Neo Card™.


In addition, Neo Card™ is a credit card that gives you rewards for using it. After you make a purchase, cashback is immediately credited to your account and shown on your transaction list. The rewards that you’ll get, you can use for future purchases. Or you can also cash out right away. So, it’s for you to decide how you want to use it!


Neo Card™ is one of the best Rewards Credit Cards in Canada

Neo’s commitment is to provide all members with a seamless, simple, and rewarding digital financial services experience. Neo uses technology to simplify finances, create rewarding experiences, and build a community by rethinking how to offer spending, savings, and reward products.


They believe that digital financial services should be easy. So, they want to help you manage your money more efficiently, from setting up direct deposits with your employer to paying bills online.


Additionally, they think it’s essential for their members to feel rewarded for their financial successes. That’s why they offer cashback on certain purchases and help them set goals to work towards rewards that matter most to them.


This card can help you to make regular payments on time each month. You’ll get an email alert when your bill is due so that you don’t miss any charges or incur penalties for late fees.

You can use this card like any other credit card in Canada

It has all features & benefits that you get with a regular credit card. Neo provides over 10,000 loyalty programs in your pocket!


Let’s take a look at what Neo can do for you. You can use it anywhere in the world. It’s a Mastercard Card, so you can use it at any ATM and get a cash advance as often as you need. You can also use this card to purchase goods and services where Mastercard is accepted! And if you need to pay bills or make purchases online, just swipe your Neo Card™!


You may be wondering: what exactly is “anywhere”? Some places don’t accept credit cards, but that is not very common these days (even then, they usually have other options). It’s a fact that modern technology makes everything easier!


You can use a Neo Card™ like any other credit card. And you can enjoy the benefits and privileges of a regular credit card, such as rewards points and cashback offers.


You can use it Worldwide where MasterCard credit cards are accepted.


Pros and Cons of using Neo products


  • $25 welcome bonus right off the bat using This Link
  • No monthly or annual fees!
  • Easy-to-use app and website
  • Instant high cashback rewards at Neo Partners: 5% average cashback from thousand Neo partners, huge welcome bonuses like 15% cashback on your first purchase at partners guarantee everywhere else reflected at the end of the month.
  • Customize rewards to boost your standard cashback
  • Supporting local businesses is now simpler (and more rewarding) than ever thanks to Neo’s app, which helps you find partner stores.
  • Neo Money™ provides 2.25% interest rates
  • They have a live chat for a fantastic customer service experience.
  • Neo gives you the option to add as many extra reward perks to your Neo Card™ as you like for a small monthly fee such as travel insurance, mobile & personal protection and unlimited access workouts through FitOn Pro.



  • Since Neo is still growing, they still don’t have many partners where you can benefit of high cashback rewards.
  • Neo has the same interest rate as other credit cards which is 19.99% – 26.99% (Purchase rate) and 22.99% – 28.99% (Cash advance rate). For Quebec is 19.99% – 24.99% (Purchase rate) and 22.99% – 25.99% (Cash advance rate)
  • Low credit limit max of $8,000

How to get extra rewards from your Neo Card™

By adding the extra perks listed below to your Neo Card™, you can increase your cashback, gain access to travel insurance, and get mobile and personal protection: 


When adding Premium Access you get the best of Neo Card™ with access to exclusive offers, an extended warranty, and purchase protection coverage, plus up to 20% cashback on first purchases.

With the Everyday Essentials Perks, you can boost your rewards on your everyday purchases, including those at gas stations, grocery stores, specialty foods and liquor stores.

With the Travel Perks, you can enjoy perks including access to worldwide lounges, travel insurance coverage, boosted cashback at travel partners, and cashback on all international transactions. For only $4.99 per month you get the best advantages of a premium travel card.

Enjoy winter to the fullest with Ski & Snowboard Perks and get an average of 8% cashback when you get new gear or visit a ski resort partners across Canada, such as Lake Louise Ski Resort, Panorama, Sunshine Village and Cape Smokey. This offer is available until May 31, 2023. 

Ski & Snowboard Perks Neo

With Mobile & Personal Protection, you can protect your mobile device from theft, breakdowns, and damage for only 9.99$/month

With Food & Drink perks for just 1.99$/month, you can enjoy amazing perks such as 1.25x more cashback at partner restaurants, cafes, and bars. This means you can treat yourself with a delicious meal, buy an extra round of drinks, or even order food delivery more often.

Neo Card food and drink perks

Focus on your health and wellness and earn up to 7% cashback on a variety of health and wellness services and products, including gyms, yoga, fitness classes, massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and supplements. With the Mind & Body Perks, you have unlimited access to online fitness and mindfulness classes. 

Mind and Body neo perks

Here are some of the rewards offered by different partners

Throughout Canada, Neo has built thousands of retail partnerships. Here are some of them along with the types of rewards they offer. Depending on the store, I’ve noticed 3 types of rewards.


Bonus for your first purchase: When you visit a store for the first time, some offer a one-time, higher bonus rate.  These percentages could reach 15%

Neo card bonus rewards

Regular rewards: Each time you visit, you’ll receive the same amount in cashback.

Neo card every purchase rewards

Recurring purchase bonus: The cashback rewards only occurs after visiting the store several times over a period of time. Some of these deals are ongoing, while others are one-time deals.

My Personal Experience with Neo Card™

I’ve been using and testing the Neo Card™ for about a month already! It’s been a great experience so far! What I love the most is you get the cashback rewards right away after you make a purchase. And the good news is that, unlike other cards where you have to wait until you have at least a specific amount to cash out, you can withdraw money right away to pay off your Neo Card™.


Also, by upgrading to their rewards plans, I have the opportunity to get even more cashback from local businesses. I’ve never seen before a cashback credit card like this one with no monthly or annual fees. 


Aside from $25 welcome offer, there are other benefits you will enjoy. Other benefits of using Neo products are:

  • Neo is a 100% digital account with no monthly or annual fees.
  • A great way to support local businesses: their app helps you discover local retailers while getting great deals and cashback.
  • To help you manage your money, Neo will even send you alerts and notifications about your spending and your cashback rewards in real-time.
  • You can sign up for your card from your phone, within 3 minutes and start using it with your Apple Wallet or Google Pay anywhere Mastercard is accepted.


Sign up for Neo Card™ using this link to receive a $25 welcome offer

Neo Money™ Account

On the other hand, one of Canada’s highest interest rates in the industry is being offered by Neo. Their online money account offers 2.25% interest which is more than traditional banks without monthly fees or minimum balances.


With Neo Money™, it’s easy to send and receive the following transactions:

  • Unlimited free transactions such as e-transfers and bill payments
  • Make direct and paycheque deposits
  • add other bank accounts to your account to withdraw or deposit money


No minimum deposits or balances are required, so you can make the most of your money with Neo. You’ll get the best value because you won’t have to keep paying fees!


Maybe you wonder, is your money safe with Neo? The answer is yes, your money is safe!


The Neo Money™ account is provided by Concentra Bank, a member institution of the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). It offers deposit protection up to $100,000. You’ll receive the same safety and security as the big banks, along with all the benefits like bill payment, Interac e-Transfers, and unlimited free transactions.


Sign up for Neo Money™ account today and receive a $5 bonus!

How to apply for a Neo product?

To apply for a Neo Card™ or Neo Money™ Account, simply sign up using this link to receive a $25 welcome offer. You will then fill out the application form which will take only 3 minutes. After completing this step, the team will review your application, and you will be notified if it was approved or declined. Once you’re approved, to start receiving cashback, add your card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay so you can simply tap to pay even you don’t have your physical card yet. You will have instant access to your credit card information once you’re approved.


Please note that you must live in Canada, have a Canadian photo ID, and be the age of majority in your province to qualify.


Although I’m not a financial expert, I definitely recommend the Neo Card™ since I believe this is a really smart way to take control of your finances while receiving cashback on your everyday purchases. But only if you know how to use your credit card responsibly is a smart move. It’s not a good idea to go on debt to earn rewards. If you use your cashback credit card carefully, it can be very beneficial.


With a $25 welcome bonus for a no monthly or annual fee account and credit card, why not give it a try?


  • Sabrina C

    July 4, 2022

    I agree, that getting into smarter spending habits is a key life skill to have so you don’t dig your way into debt through credit card use. I like the sounds of the Neo Card and the benefits I think are huge if you use it wisely.

  • July 13, 2022

    I have never heard of this card, and I have A LOT of cards. Great post!


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