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20 Educational Toys For Toddlers

Toys are critical for a child ’s cognitive development. They can develop their basic senses, which are the senses of touching, hearing, and seeing. Toys are not just for fun. Toys can also be educational that would be helpful for the toddlers. They can be more creative, and while playing, they’re also learning. Some games will require interaction, so your toddlers can enhance their social skills. As their knowledge grows, they can explore and learn new things.


Educational toys help a toddler grow and develop fine and gross motor skills. Toys can help with the development of problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, and the understanding of cause and effect. It also teaches children how to share and encourages creativity and imagination. My child and I have tested most of the toys listed below. These are the ones that I recommend since my child learned so much from them while playing.

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Read on and learn more about the 20 educational toys for toddlers

Magnetic Blocks,110 PCS Magnetic Tiles for Boys and Girls, Magnetic Building Blocks Set Educational Toys for Kids

Magnetic Blocks

A great toy that will help your toddler be more creative and have imagination in building things on these magnetic blocks. Your toddler can make many patterns. It can be a dog, windmill, airplane, heart shape, ball, and many more. These blocks are colorful, so kids can learn more about colors and shapes while playing. In addition, magnetic blocks help develop more skills such as fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity skills, thinking and problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, and pattern recognition. This toy is good for 3 years and up.




Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set

Here’s an educational toy for those toddlers who love to become a doctor someday! Melissa and Doug’s Doctor Kit comes with 25 pieces of tools inside. It has realistic accessories such as a stethoscope, syringe, hearing tester, blood pressure cuff, and much more.

This toy encourages toddlers to have a sense of empathy, nurture, and imagination. The kit has a recommended age of 2 to 6 years old. It’s an engaging and fun way of easing any feelings of stress associated with a visit to the doctor. Moreover, it inspires hands-on and imaginative thinking. It also promotes social-emotional and language development. Let your young doctors build life skills through play!




Monopoly Junior Game

Monopoly Junior Game is an easy and exciting game for your toddler!

It’s an excellent introduction to the monopoly game and features child-friendly locations in monopoly Town. The game can be considered a versatile learning tool for your young ones. In addition, it encourages kids to challenge their way of thinking, be mentally active, and learn more things while playing. The toddlers can enjoy collecting and counting monopoly money to win. Engaging your kids in games on selling and buying can help them build an appreciation for it and gain a clear comprehension of how to use money.

Children can use the cards to develop reading comprehension and literacy skills, like talking about the meaning behind what is in it. They can also use suitable reading strategies to decode and short instructional sentences. The game is for kids aged 5 to 8 years old.




Anatomy Models Bundle Set

Let your kids feel and explore anatomy with this Anatomy Models Bundle Set! This miniature set has a fact guide, stand for each realistic detailed miniature plastic model, and step-by-step photo-illustrated assembly instructions.

The bundle set recommends an age of 5 to 10 years old. The bundle measures and includes a heart model, brain model, body model, and skeleton model. This kind of toy is perfect for your toddlers because it gives them a deeper understanding of how internal systems and organs interact. Kids can also manipulate the inner workings of the human body.




Master Workbench Kid’s Wooden Toolbench

Do you have a little tinker at home? Hape’s Master Workbench is a perfect toy for them! It’s a best-selling set that comes with everything a home handyman needs well except for the elbow grease. Inside the bundle are the hammer, screwdriver, wrench, saw, vice, angle, screws, nuts, gears, bolts, links, and more for creative building. Your young builders will enjoy playing and creating their own workbench and tools just like an adult. They created the toy from sustainably managed wood, making it safe and durable for kids. It has solid wood construction and a kid-safe paint finish. Your toddler will develop a sense of creativity and broad imagination that will let them gain more handy skills. It’s best for kids ages 3 to 8 years old. Let your kids invent things with the young imagination they have until it grows beautifully!




Learning Toys DIY Building Castles

Your young architecture will love to have these DIY Building Castles. Help your toddlers nurture their imagination and creativity in creating things. It will contribute to their brain development and help them acquire many skills as they grow. With the instructions given, they can learn how to follow the step-by-step process in building their castles. They can gain skill by recognizing what part should come after the other. It can be done by many kids, in that way, they can improve their interacting skills with other people. It’s best for kids ages 3 and up. Let your cute one shine by building their self-confidence while making their unique castle!




Beginner Microscope Kit

At an early age, toddlers are usually amazed at what they see under the microscope. Beginner Microscope Kit comes with a hard-sided plastic ABS case and 52 accessories. This starter pack will let your kids discover new educational things. It’s an easy-to-carry kit that conducts safe and fun activities and experiments on its own. It has additional capabilities that help toddlers acquire new skills in addition to providing higher resolution for educational applications. This kit is suitable for girls and boys of all ages.




Math Games with Stories & Puzzles

Math is everywhere! It’s an excellent way to study numbers and math while your kids are having fun. These math games with memories and puzzles are quality for children aged 4 to 10 years. It gives a hands-on studying device and takes your little ones to revel in a sequence of story-primarily based demanding situations that desire to be solved. It has a mixture of numbers in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can choose the correct grade stage for your kids to shape their learnings closer to the video games. This game helps in babies’ visual, auditory, and tactile senses. It improves their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as their understanding, mathematical intelligence, and logical reasoning skills.





Do you have toddlers who love to explore and discover earth science? Well, here’s a perfect solution for you! National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit is a fun and educational toy that will make your kids fall in love. Little ones will have fun digging and finding dinosaur bones, shark teeth, ammonites, brachiopods, and more. It helps to inspire them in lifelong learning. The kit includes:

  • One full-color learning guide.
  • One magnifying glass.
  • One large dig brick contains fifteen ancient fossils.
  • One set of archaeological digging tools for kids.

This exclusive science kit is best for kids ages 8 years and up.




LEGO Friends Vet Clinic Ambulance Building Kit

Are you looking for a toy that helps your toddler learn and be patient? Well, this Vet Clinic Ambulance toy is perfect for you! This cute building kit includes cat and kitten toys, a kid’s rabbit toy, and lots of fun kit accessories to experience immersive play. It’s best for those animal lover kids. It will help them acquire a sense of appreciation for loving and caring for all the animals. They can do rescuing and many things with this kit. In addition, they can play as a team, working together with their friends in nurturing the pets. It has an easy-access for the creative fictional play because the ambulance has a hinged panel. It’s best for kids aged 6 years and up. Let your little ones experience an animal care play that they would love to do!




Play-Doh Doctor Drill-n-Fill Set

Everyone loves Play-Doh! Play-Doh Doctor Drill-n-Fill Set is perfect for all kids who love to play as a dentist. Your toddlers will have fun playing in making braces, shaping teeth, and fight the cavities with the electric drill, and more. The kit includes an electric drill, tweezers, toothbrush, roller, tooth mold, head, instructions, accessories, and 5 cans of play-doh. Your little ones can acquire a sense of appreciation for taking care of their own teeth while playing with this toy. They’ll learn the importance of brushing their teeth. The Play-Doh is best for ages 3 and up. Just remember that small parts can bring danger to your kids below 3 years old. Let your young dentist have a genuine smile while playing!




English Learning kit

Are you looking for educational toys that will make your toddler learn a new language? This English Learning Kit is perfect for you! We’re French and Vietnamese speakers, and I wanted my child to learn a new language, which is English. This toy helps her expand her vocabulary in the target language. Moreover, it helps the kids to improve their reading, comprehension, cognitive, linguistic, and motor skills. Your kids will also develop their knowledge and skills in letters, spellings, language concepts, grammar, and many more. The kit comes with nouns, sight words, action verbs, alphabet puzzles, prepositions, letters trunk, 48 letter tiles, and much more. The toy is suitable for kids ages 4 to 10 years old. Let your toddler explore and learn a new language with this




Melissa and Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set

Melissa and Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set would be a perfect toy for your toddlers! Young animals lovers will fall in love with this playset. They can treat and examine pets together with their playmates. It can help them grow and develop empathy while they play. It contains a 24 piece collection, a vet medical kit, and a handy tote bag for easy storage.

This learning kit is an excellent option for veterinarians aged 3 and up. It includes an adorable plush cat and dog, a stethoscope, an ear scope, tweezers, a clamp, a syringe, accessories, and much more. Let’s cultivate the minds and hearts of the young aspiring veterinarians!




Toddler Musical Instruments

This is the ideal toy for your aspiring musicians! Toddler Musical Instruments comes with musical toys, including tapping, shaking, blowing, and beating sets. A total of 32 pieces is inside the playset. The kit offers the child’s brain development and enhances arm flexibility, musical sensitivity, and logical thinking ability. In addition, the kids can create or experiment with their own beat, rhythm, sounds, and any musical concepts. They will grow more passionate about music because of this educational and fun toy. It’s made of high-quality materials, including non-toxic and premium-quality wood, a smooth surface, and plastic and metal parts that are safe and reliable for kids.




Melissa & Doug Wooden Toys – Shape Sorting Clock

It’s time to have fun and learn! Learning and recognizing specific numbers on a clock will suit a child’s development. Little ones will love the hour hands that spin around and the color-coded minute. They can manipulate the color blocks, solve puzzles, sort the shapes and match colors in them. It enables the kid to perform activities that build their cognitive and motor skills. It helps the kids recognize clocks, shapes, numbers, and colors. They will also gain familiarity with the concepts of time. It’s the best toy for 3 to 6 years old kids. Inspire your child to learn things with this Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Clock!



Melissa and Doug Underwater Floor Puzzle
Let our toddlers explore the underwater experience with this Melissa and Doug Underwater Floor Puzzle! The 48-piece floor improves the child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical skills.
The puzzle has a realistic ocean floor with sea creatures like sharks, stingrays, dolphins, colorful fishes, and orcas. It will also help them develop their problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, logic, and thinking abilities. The game is best for your 3 to 6 years old kid. Remember that small parts can bring danger to kids below 3 years old. Moreover, Melissa & Doug Underwater Puzzle uses high-quality materials that are safe and reliable for children.




Interactive Globe for Kids

Is your little one an explorer? Well, this interactive globe is perfect for them! This orboot includes a globe, stamps, passport, country flag stickers, and a detailed help guide. It connects with an interactive Orboot app that gives fun and exciting learnings. The good part here is it helps to build your child’s development in linguistic and cognitive skills and knowledge.

In addition, an interactive globe feeds the kid’s curiosity and imagination about the world. The Orboot app categorizes the cultures, monuments, animals, inventions, maps, and weather for different countries around the globe. It is suitable for all kids from 4 to 10 years old.




Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes

Here’s a colourful toy that your toddlers will enjoy! This Scratch Art Rainbow Mini note has 125 easy-to-use mini notes that kids can etch doodles, create unique illustrations, and jot down notes. These bright mini notes feature a rainbow color beneath the matte coating. Toddlers can use a stick to scratch out the crust part of the notes and reveal the beautiful color underneath. This toy is good for the child’s development. It develops the child’s self-confidence, cognitive and social skills, and more. It is suitable for kids from 4 and up, and it gives a wide range of imagination and creativity.




Wonder Forge Disney Frozen 2 Matching Memory Game

Wonder Forge Disney Frozen 2 Matching Memory Game is a classic game of picture-matching. You can choose any of your children’s favourite characters from the Disney film Frozen II. The game is best for kids from 3 and up, and it doesn’t only do fun things, but your little ones can also learn and develop skills from it. Toddlers can familiarize that objects differ from each other in many ways. In addition, this memory game will help the child’s brain development. They can develop a keen mind and memory of any circumstances they see and learn. They can formulate ideas that there are things that match and the reason why.




Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Anatomy Play Set

Is your kid love to dwell in Science and human anatomy? Well, your aspiring scientist or doctor will be happy to have this toy! The kids can visualize the body systems and organs of a person. It will be a good learning aid that will bring them more learnings towards the human body.

Internal organs, the skeleton, circulatory systems, and many other topics are covered by this educational toy. Using magnets on the body enables children to understand how all parts of the human body are connected, as well as the structures and relationships between them. The set has magnets for males and females and a wooden stand. Kids from 3 and up would fall in love with how fantastic this playset is.


The educational toys help toddlers develop and acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills, comprehension abilities, and cause and effect work. It can boost their self-confidence and encourage them to widen their imaginations that turn things into a creative way. As they play with the toys, they can have a sense of power and eagerness to complete a task.

Are you looking for fun and educational toys for your kids? Here are the 20 educational toys for toddlers that help assist learning for all ages. If you have used educational toys other than the mentioned 20 above, feel free to let me know in the comment!

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