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A Parent's Guide to Encouraging Creativity in Children

Children are naturally creative, but they require a nurturing atmosphere to keep that spark alive. You can teach your child to enjoy art and express themselves as a parent.


Each of us has the ability to be creative, and it is a skill that can be developed. Originality and creativity aren’t limited to galleries and museums. We can apply these characteristics in both our personal and professional lives.


Share the joys of creating with those you care about. Learn how to encourage your child to use his or her imagination.

Benefits of Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity:

1. Boost confidence. The fear of failing prevents the creative process from taking place. Allow your child to take risks and learn from his or her mistakes. Demonstrate to them that it’s fine to be different. Help them in identifying and using their personal strengths.


2. Manage stress. Crafts and hobbies can help children manage tough emotions in a healthy way. They’ll be less inclined to switch to risky behaviours such as disordered eating or using drugs.


3. Improve cognitive abilities. Creativity entails both thinking and creating. While finger painting or playing music, they are solving problems and innovating.


4. Enjoy life to the fullest. Children that are creative are more likely to be happy and successful. They’ll know how to entertain themselves, interact with others, and contribute at work.

Tips for Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity:

1. Offer praise. Children desire to express their imaginations, but they may be hesitant if they feel criticized. Maintain a positive attitude and acknowledge their efforts, even if they stray from the expected path.


2. Allow for free play. Is your child’s schedule too full? Between dance sessions and organized sports, give them some free time to explore on their own. Purchase open-ended toys, such as blocks, or let children to play with empty boxes and string.


3. Actively engage. Limit time in front of the television and computer. Spend your days doing stuff together rather than sitting and watching TV. Go for a walk outside. Play board games and talk about your day.

4. Allow them to be a little messy. Change the rules during craft time since kids enjoy sticky things. If you’re worried about cleaning costs, set aside a spot in the basement or backyard where spills and smudges are acceptable.


5. Help with prompts. Even the most talented painters require assistance in getting started. Complete the initial few steps of a drawing and then ask your child to help you. Ask about what they want to make and why they want to make it.


6. Seek out ideas. Always be on the lookout for new and exciting ideas. Watch nature documentaries and visit art institutions. Carry a journal with you so that you and your child can write down your thoughts for later use.


7. Make sure you have enough supplies. Be prepared for your children’s spontaneous artistic impulses or bored complaints. Keep a range of materials available, such as crayons and clay.


8. Follow dreams. Choose activities that are suited to your child’s specific interests. A soccer fan may make a collage out of photographs from sports magazines and their own ticket stubs. A music enthusiast might try making their own instruments out of common household items.


9. Make it a social event. Invite other family members and friends to join you for imaginative playdates and adventures. Assist your child in uploading photographs of their favourite works so that they can share them with grandparents or peers.


10. Set a good example. If your children sees you being creative, they will be more likely to do so as well. Work on your own tasks side by side and talk about your discoveries.

Encourage your child’s creativity and imagination. You’ll end up with more than just pretty drawings for your fridge door. You’ll be helping them in developing their emotional intelligence and thinking independently.

Positive Affirmation cards for kids

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