Favorite Spots You Must See in Montreal

mother and daughter at china garden Montreal botanical garden

Embrace a remarkable experience with Montreal's unique spots. A few of the beautiful sites that my daughter and I enjoyed during the visit are:


  • The China Garden

  • The Halloween spot

  • Greenhouse



If you're planning to experience the enchantment of the place, here are some guides and tips that will make your family stay worthwhile.


As the center piece of Montreal's top must-see attraction, the Botanical Garden is at the heart of Montreal Space for Life. It is Canada's largest museum of natural science.

In addition to being one of Montreal's jewels, the Garden is recognized as one of the world's most significant attractions. This is due to its colorful calendar of events, exhibitions and activities all year long. Beside hosting more than 22,000 plant varieties, ten exhibition greenhouses and more than 20 thematic gardens, this place will give you a breath of fresh air while enjoying its natural beauty.

In the last moment, we decided to visit this lovely Garden, located near the Montreal's Olympic stadium. We thought 2 hours would be enough to see the entire park, but we were only able to visit three different gardens. Among those three gardens, the Halloween spot and the China Garden were our favorites!

1. The China Garden

As we entered this Garden, it felt like we were entirely somewhere else! The scenery is beautiful and my daughter was amazed by all the colors in this place.

From Sept 3 to Oct 31, 2021, the China Garden will be hosting the magical Gardens of lights where you can watch the nature come to life in the new immersive and sensory experiences combining art, technology and lots of emotion suitable for all ages.

Garden of Lights transforms the Botanical Garden's three cultural gardens into a magical spectacle enchanted by light and magic. This popular fall event is an authentic gateway to three fascinating cultures as much as an illuminated path. Also, hundred of colorful silk lanterns in the Chinese Garden create evenings of pure enchantment.

Visiting the place late in the afternoon will provide you an enchanting stay. The cost to enter the China Garden varies from $16 - $21.

Festival of Lights in china garden at montreal botanical garden

Credit: Montreal Tourism Mtl.org

2. The Halloween spot

This spot was one of my daughter's favorites! It felt just like Halloween in September. This spot will be on until the end of October. So come while the Halloween spot is still there.

In addition, kids can play and challenge some obstacles on their own. This is why many parents love to take their little ones to this wonderful place.


3. Greenhouses

Visitors to the greenhouses can enjoy 10 permanent and thematic exhibitions showcasing the Jardin botanique's plant collections year round.


Biodôme is called the "house of life." This is because it's housing different ecosystems of animals and plants. The Biodôme is a beautiful oasis near the Olympic Stadium. This place provides visitors an immersive journey through five ecosystems, namely:

  • Tropical Rainforest

  • Gulf of St. Lawrence

  • Laurentian Maple Forest

  • Labrador Coast and Sub-Antarctic Islands

If you're planning to visit Biodôme, here are some tips for you. First, download the mobile app prior to your visit. The app supports iOS and Android mobile platforms with iOS 11 / Android 6 (Marshmallow) versions or later.

However, suppose you don't have a compatible mobile device. In that case, you may borrow an iPod (limited quantity) free of charge from the Friends of the Biodôme counter. You'll need to provide an ID for borrowing the iPod. You may also request an identification guide for animals and plants.



The Insectarium is the largest insect museum in North America and one of the largest in the world. This is a popular tourist attraction - more than 400,000 visitors are coming each year to the Montreal Insectarium to discover insects from around the world.

Family adventures are perfect here. With its collection of more than 150,000 insects specimens, any parents and children would be amazed. The Insectarium presents spiders, beetles, giant stick insects, scorpions, butterflies, ladybugs and so much more.

Visiting these fantastic Montreal spots was one of the memorable experiences we had. Since we didn't make it to the Insectarium, we'll plan another visit soon!

If you and your family plan to visit these places, be ready to:

  • Get amazed by the impressive architecture and an immersive experience of the five ecosystems of the Americas.

  • See the architectural icon of Montreal since the 1967 World Fair, a museum dedicated to the city's environment.

  • Among the world's finest, Montréal's Botanical Garden houses plants from every continent. It's an experience you won't forget!

  • Experience a unique and innovative astronomical experience that combines science and emotion. And enjoy a fascinating virtual journey to the stars in two theatres!

These incredible places in Montreal are fascinating places to visit with family. Getting to the site is relatively easy to access since Montreal is only 15 minutes from downtown, and also it's surrounded by three metro stations (Pie-IX, Viau, and Jean-Drapeau).


Upon checking on their calendar of activities, here are the remaining events that the site will hold for the remaining of the year:

Autumn moons: Series of Indigenous tales and songs

Experience Native storytellers and artists performing near the fire or among the majestic trees in the First Nations Garden.

Vélo Paradiso

The work of Indigenous filmmakers across Québec and Canada will amaze you. They will host poetic poetry at the Outdoor Café.

Pangu and the four animals: The magic continues

Chinese shadow puppets offer a timeless magic experience

Makusham: The Thanksgiving gathering

It's an opportunity to celebrate Mother Earth's generosity and the bounty of nature on the autumnal equinox.

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