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Favorite Spots You Must See in Montreal

If you’re planning a trip to Montreal, make sure to visit Espace pour la vie, one of our favorite spots in the city. This unique attraction offers 5 different natural science museums, each with its own focus. The Biodôme lets you explore four different ecosystems, the Insectarium showcases over 250,000 specimens of insects, the Botanical Garden features 75 hectares of outdoor gardens, the Planétarium takes you on a journey through the cosmos and the Biosphère is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices. 


To make the most of your visit, consider purchasing an annual pass to Espace pour la vie. This will give you unlimited access to all four museums, as well as special events and discounts on other attractions in the city. With so much to see and do, you will want to come back again and again. If you’re looking for a unique and educational experience in Montreal, Espace pour la Vie is a must-see attraction. 


Whether you’re a nature lover, a science enthusiast, or just looking for a unique experience in Montreal, Espace pour la vie is a must-see attraction. With its diverse range of museums and exhibits, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

My daughter and I had  a wonderful time exploring Montreal with our annual pass for 2021-2022. I can’t wait to share some of the stunning places we fell in love with during our visit.

  1. The China Garden
  2. The Halloween spot
  3. Greenhouse 


If you’re thinking about planning a memorable family trip to Montreal, let’s dive right in! In today’s post, I will be sharing more details about these incredible places that will definitely make your family’s stay worthwhile.

First of all, we absolutely fell in love with the Botanical Garden!


The Montreal Botanical Garden is a popular attraction that draws visitors from all over the world. Spanning over 75 hectares, the garden boasts an impressive collection of approximately 20,000 plant species and cultivars. The garden is located in the Olympic Park area of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and is considered one of the most important botanical gardens in the world due to the extent of its collections and facilities.


The Montreal Botanical Garden is a part of the “Espace pour la Vie” museum complex, which is Canada’s largest natural sciences museum complex. The garden is home to several themed gardens, exhibition greenhouses, and a herbarium consisting of nearly 100,000 reference specimens. Visitors can explore the gardens and greenhouses, marvel at the scented passageways and shaded trails, and learn about the different plant species and their origins.


In the last minute, we decided to visit this lovely Garden, located near the Montreal’s Olympic stadium. We thought 2 hours would be enough to see the entire park, but we were only able to visit three different gardens. Among those three gardens, the Halloween spot and the China Garden were our favorites!


The entrance fee for the Botanical Garden ranges from $8.50 CAD to $23 CAD, depending on your age group. Children under 5 years old get in for free.

1. The China Garden

As soon as we stepped into this Garden, it was like stepping into a whole new world! The surroundings are absolutely stunning, and we were completely captivated by the vibrant colors, especially when the night fell.


Every year from Sept to Oct,  the Garden is hosting the magical Gardens of lights where you can watch the nature come to life in the new immersive and sensory experiences combining art, technology and lots of emotion suitable for all ages.


The Garden of Lights is a truly enchanting experience where the Botanical Garden’s cultural gardens come alive with a magical display of light and wonder. This event not only offers a captivating journey through three fascinating cultures, but also guides you along an illuminated path. Additionally, the Chinese Garden features hundreds of vibrant silk lanterns that add an extra touch of enchantment to the evenings.


If you decide to visit this place in the late afternoon, you will definitely have an amazing experience. 

Montreal Botanical Garden

2. The Halloween spot

This place is like a magical wonderland, especially during Halloween! With its magical Halloween atmosphere, thrilling quests, and captivating performances, it’s an absolute paradise for kids. No wonder why my daughter fell in love with this place! 


Every year, the garden hosts a Halloween event called Halloween Shivers that is sure to get you in the spooky spirit. From the beginning of October until Halloween night, the garden is transformed into a bewitching wonderland filled with pumpkins, ghosts, and other Halloween-themed decorations.


During Halloween Shivers, the garden’s main greenhouse is taken over by a great sorcerer and a host of unusual creatures. You will have the opportunity to visit the Ghost Tree, go on a quest, and even learn about the life and death of pumpkins. There are also themed adventure play areas, Japanese horror stories, and special performances featuring The Sorcerer and Scaredy Squirrel.

3. Greenhouse

Visitors to the greenhouses can enjoy 10 permanent and thematic exhibitions showcasing the Jardin botanique’s plant collections year round.


As one of the main attractions of the garden, this magnificent structure showcases a variety collection of exotic plant species from around the world.


The greenhouse itself is a stunning architectural masterpiece, designed to provide an ideal environment for plants to flourish. Its spacious interior is divided into different climatic zones, each carefully crafted to mimic the natural habitats of various plant species. From tropical rainforests to arid deserts, visitors can explore through a multitude of ecosystems, all under one roof.

Biodôme is a unique and captivating attraction that offers visitors a chance to explore different ecosystems and observe a wide variety of plant and animal species.


Originally built as a velodrome for the 1976 Olympic Games, the Biodôme was converted into an indoor nature museum in 1992. It houses four distinct ecosystems found in the Americas, including:

  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • Laurentian Maple Forest
  • Labrador Coast and Sub-Antarctic Islands


When visiting the Biodôme, make sure to enhance your experience by using the Space of Life app (Free). This handy app serves as your virtual guide, providing valuable information and interactive features to enrich your visit.


Firstly, the Space of Life app offers a comprehensive map of the Biodôme, helping you navigate through the different ecosystems and exhibition spaces. It highlights key points of interest, ensuring you don’t miss any important exhibits or shows.


Furthermore, the app provides detailed descriptions and fun facts about the various animals, plants, and environments you encounter along your journey. You can learn about their habitats, behaviors, and conservation efforts, gaining a deeper understanding of the biodiversity around you.

The Insectarium is the largest insect museum in North America and one of the largest in the world. This is a popular tourist attraction – more than 400,000 visitors are coming each year to the Montreal Insectarium to discover insects from around the world.


Family adventures are perfect here. With its collection of more than 150,000 insects specimens, any parents and children would be amazed. The Insectarium presents spiders, beetles, giant stick insects, scorpions, butterflies, ladybugs and so much more.

A trip to Montreal would not be complete without visiting Espace pour la vie, a remarkable attraction that offers a variety range of natural science museums.


If you plan on visiting Montreal frequently, I highly recommend getting an annual pass for unlimited access to all the amazing museums and special events. It’s a fantastic way to make the most of your visits! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this must-see attraction in Montreal.


Getting here is a breeze via the metro—just hop off at PIE-IX station and follow the signs. If you prefer driving, there’s outdoor parking available for a reasonable price of 12$ CAD for the whole day.

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