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Top 10 Educational Places for Kids in Montreal Biosphere

Experience the fun and thrilling attractions in Montreal. Montreal loves children as much as children love Montreal! It’s a perfect place for a family vacation and one of the most visited cities in Canada, located in Quebec.

This fantastic place has everything you and your kids need. Whether it is for fun or for an educational experience, this place is for you. The place offers exciting, unique and historical sites for tourists. As a result, kids can stroll around the area and enjoy while gaining knowledge. Montreal with young ones is truly fantastic!

Check on the top 10 educational places for kids in the Montreal area below!

The constructed steel pipes named Montreal Biosphere were primarily part of Canada’s Expo ’67. It’s a well-known environmental museum in Montreal. This is suitable for all ages, especially kids interested in environmental concerns. With its various interactive features and exhibits, kids will love Biosphere.


Its exhibit themes are sustainable transportation, water, green technology, climate change and other leading environmental care appeals to the children’s courtesy. There are also many learning and exciting activities for kids at the Biosphere.

2. Insectarium 

Explore the incredible variety of nature! Insectarium of Montreal is a leading museum devoted to insects. They have more than 160 thousand collections of different creatures from six geographic zones:


  • Honey bee hive
  • Bumblebee hive
  • Jewel-like beetles
  • Beautiful butterflies with rainbow colors on their wings
  • Giant walking sticks and much more


The place is perfect for all ages, especially for kids. There are many cultural events that the Insectarium holds. Aside from the endearing environment in the Insectarium, they also have educational exhibits to attend that will feed your curiosity and inquiries about the place. Kids that have a passion for nature will love the place!

Centre des sciences de Montréal will let you envision the future with its science and technology advancement. The innovative museum will give the whole family both an education and entertainment experience. The extraordinary exhibitions and activities will captivate the mind and hearts of today’s youth.


It’s best for young children who love interactive activities because the museum will encourage visitors to touch and interact with the exhibits. They offer various events to enhance and develop children’s creative skills towards technological development. All the events and exhibitions inside the museum are suitable for all kids, even children with special needs. Let your family and kids explore the innovation of science and technology!


4. Planetarium

Experience the creative and modern way of the universe in Montreal Planetarium with your young ones! It is Canada’s largest natural science museum complex. It proposes two complementary productions in two different theatres adding rotating and permanent exhibitions in futuristic and energy-efficient buildings. It lets you experience a fresh and astonishing experience of astronomy that brings interactive and educational museography to mind.


Planetarium gives your kids the magical moment of their main event, double feature, which has two shows or films that you can watch in two different rooms. Due to the loud and alarming content of films, Planetarium recommends visitors to be at least 7 years old. Let your kids learn and explore the other side of the atmosphere!

STEM learning boxes for kids you may love!

5. Archaeology and natural history

Learn and explore the place with educational spectacles and activities that your kids would love! The Montreal Archaeology and natural history would bring history to life through its permanent exhibitions with innovative multimedia technologies. You can take your kids of any age on a family vacation here.


Let your young ones experience and play on the high seas as pirates or privateers. Step in its 17th-century buildings and a simulated archaeological dig in Archaeo-Adventure workshop. Furthermore, there are other archaeological sites in the area that you can visit with your children to make the most of your vacation.


6. Exporail / The Canadian Railway Museum

Explore the breathtaking full-size railways’ vehicles in the Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum. It’s best for kids because they provide tailored tours for preschoolers, daycare and childcare centers (ages 3 years and up). It brings your little ones the unique opportunity to experience the history of the vital collection of big-size railway vehicles.


Also, there are lots of things for your kids to learn. They will develop their knowledge in the social universe field, specifically in history and geography. Furthermore, kids will learn more about the means of transportation in Quebec society: trains, streetcars, railway systems and much more.

Redpath Museum

Let’s learn more about the history of life on earth at the Redpath Museum of McGill University, one of the oldest museums in Canada. It showcases nature and ethnography since 1882. It houses a collection of fields like zoology, paleontology, mineralogy and many world cultures. Regardless of your kids age, Redpath Museum will captivate their attention. Why? The museum has 3 million archaeological and ethnographic objects from ancient Egypt. Also, they have a full-size Gorgosaurus libratus skeleton and Triceratops skull in the Dinosaur museum. Visit the Redpath Museum of McGill University – your kids will sure love the experience!

8. Cosmodome (in Laval, north of Montreal)

Experience an interactive concept of space adventure at the Cosmodome! Your kids can be space exploration heroes through virtual and take challenges on adventurous voyages in outer space. Cosmodome will let you take a spaceflight mission virtually to the Red Planet. Your family and kids of all ages will seize your visit here, where discoveries, learnings and nostalgic experiences are all in one for you at Cosmodome! Don’t miss out on the incredible challenges and opportunities that await you!


9. McCord Museum

Discover and explore the exhibitions and treasures in McCord Museum’s historical location! Since the museum offers cultural mediators, your kids will enjoy playing discovery games and uplift their creativity in every workshop. It will keep their attention, and feed their curiosity and creativity in a fun relaxed atmosphere. An educational team officer offers two interactive activities designed for school daycare services. All the activities required children to be hands-on with the workshops. History is full of educational and exciting activities that your kids will love. There’s more than what you expect in McCord Museum!

10. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has done its job to catch the attention of everyone, whether adults or children. It is Canada’s largest art museum. It aims to promote work of art from yesterday and today’s artists, locally and internationally. Besides offering a rich educational program, the museum provides full access to the world’s artistic heritage. Most exhibits include tactile activities for young kids and free art workshops. You’ll be able to take products made by your entire family home with you. The museum has some special programs for kids of all ages.

These 10 unique places are a few of the great places to visit in the Montreal area. Spending time with your kids is one of the valuable moments you share with them. So, before visiting a site, make sure to research ahead and ensure your kids will not only enjoy but also learn something new.


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