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15 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Many e-commerce companies give people the opportunity to make money. Some of these are Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and many more. Among these e-commerce stores, the popular one is Amazon. It is one of the top platform individuals turn to when looking for something online.


Amazon gives high opportunities to those who want to earn a good income. There are various ways you can sell with Amazon. You can make a full-time living out of your small profit. You can sell many things in it, like you can market your homemade products, clothes, furniture, goods, books, be a blogger, and much more.


Amazon generated $386 billion (US) in revenue in 2020. More than half of the income was generated from third-party sales. Finding the best items to sell on this platform is not as easy as you think. And for you to succeed in this field, you need to have deep research in coming up with the perfect one that will help you.


This article dives into the top 15 ways to make money on Amazon. If you want to learn and know what’s the perfect thing to do to help you earn cash, keep reading until the end!

1. Flip store-bought products with retail arbitrage

Buying products in a retail store and including it on your list for sale on Amazon at a higher price is what we call retail arbitrage. You go to local or online retail stores to compare discounted prices or have lower prices than others. Then you go for it. You buy products and sell them on Amazon to earn money.


Start-up Cost:

Retail arbitrage is a competitive and challenging thing to do, so you need to have patience on this. With this approach, you can start at a lower cost and go as high or as low as you like. You can keep your inventory cost very low. People somehow start having less than 2,000 $US available with retail arbitrage.


Best For:

Looking for a side hustle while your young ones are busy at school or doing their thing? Real arbitrage is perfect for you! This is about selling products on Amazon that come from a retail store at a discounted price can make you earn an income that will help you with your family’s needs. The earnings vary on how you work hard for this. You can positively earn 500-2500 $US a month.

2. Sell Wholesale

To purchase bulk products from a manufacturer or wholesaler, search first for your target products to market online. Then, request permission to buy and resell them on Amazon. There are 2 ways to receive your inventories. The first is to have them delivered to you. Another one is to send them directly to the prep center that will ship them to Amazon for you for a fee. In selling products on Amazon, you need to acquire its business setup practices like getting a wholesale license or business license, depending on the place you live. This work method is global selling, where you can sell products on Amazon worldwide.


Start-up Cost:

Selling wholesale products requires at least 2,000 $US available to purchase products. When buying an item through wholesale sourcing, you must pay 50% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. A method that offers 50% of retail is called keystone pricing. Some manufacturers will give additional discounts based on the amount you purchased, even after working with them for a long time. Wholesale provides its different pros over other sourcing methods.


Best For:

Being in a wholesale business is the best business model because it gives you a high-level income. You can order more and keep selling to your trusted customers when you run out of inventory. You can also purchase products from a well-known brand and benefit from the existing consumer base that the brand has established. It is flexible work to do, where you can spend at least 20 hours a week. You will need patience because it may take a while to see progress, but it will be worth it. The earnings will depend on how much you bought your products from the wholesaler. If you purchase it for 20 $US from a manufacturer, you can resell it on Amazon at 50 $US with free shipping. This gives you a 30 $US profit margin on each product.


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3. Sell Private Label Products

Finding products that have a high rate of selling on Amazon and purchasing similar ones at cheaper price to create your own listing and brand on Amazon is what private labels do. Selling private label products is a trendy approach. You will have a manufacturer that makes your brand with your logo and brand name. Moreover, you can also create your listings on the platform and find buyers for your products via advertising campaigns.


Start-up Costs:

In starting to sell private label products on Amazon, you will need to have at least 2,000 $US. To be successful at this, you will have to work hard. Purchase at least 100 of each product you want to test, and you will pay for software to find products that range to 99 $US per month. After that, give away some of your products to gain reviews that will help you gather more customers.


Best For:

Suppose you are looking for a flexible business where you can invest money to grow more in the future. In that case, selling private label products is best for you. This work is perfect for those people who know marketing and investing. It is also suitable for those risk-takers, knowing that you might need to try multiple products to find the best one that is profitable. You can earn an income between 1,500 $US and 2,000 $US in a month. However, if you do full-blast on it, you will earn more.


You can also let Amazon handle your work. FBA, also known as Fulfillment by Amazon, will fulfill all your orders, and you don’t need to worry about the shipments to consumers or returns. You send your products to the platform that will store your inventory in their warehouses. With both the manufacturing and fulfillment, you will have a hands-free business. In addition, Amazon FBA will handle everything like the quality logistics and shipment of the product. This can be a full-time business. Just remember to follow specific criteria with Amazon FBA.

Are you curious about the shipping costs for sending your FBA inventory to Amazon USA?

Americans take full advantage of low-cost shipping when they send their products to Amazon’s FBA warehouses. However, there’s really good news for us Canadians: Stallion Express can provide affordable shipping cost to Amazon FBA USA from Canada. 

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4. Write Romance Novels

If you are into writing romance stories, why not publish them. You will be surprised to know how much you will earn on it. You can explore your talent and imagination while earning cash. Writing your book in a romance genre will need you to follow formats in print and e-book. To make it more productive and progressive, you need to publish frequently. You can start writing short stories to produce many copies. Now that book covers play a crucial role in a customer’s decision to buy it. Put a cover that will catch your target market’s attention and give them some hint that makes them feel the excitement about the book. You can easily create book cover with Canva. Even for the amateur or non-tech-savvy writer, Canva’s free book cover generator is incredibly simple to use. You may choose from hundreds of styles in their book cover builder, making it easier than ever to design a remarkable cover.


Start-up Costs :

Pricing your book between 2.99 $ and 9.99 $US on Amazon will give you up to 70% of the sales price. So technically, you as the author will get a net of about 2.09 $US on a novel priced at 2.99 $US.


Best for:

If you love to write, love the romance genre, and have the dedication to finish a book, then writing a romance book on Amazon will be perfect for you. Earn a good income by selling your works on the biggest platform online. A first-time romance writer can earn 1,100 $US per month in 3 weeks. You can grow your earnings more if your sales come up as the year passes by. Being a writer/seller of romance books can sell globally on Amazon.

5. Publish your own books on Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle direct publishing (KDP) on Amazon allows you to self-publish your own books. It gives the authors direct access to their books and creates a product detail page. You can expand your book’s availability on a global scale for readers and customers around the world to access it. KDP is not the same as traditional publishing because KDP gives you full rights to your work. In addition, you need to write frequently to find the success that you are aiming for.

Another thing you can do with Amazon KDP is publishing books with little content. Low-content books, such as journals, calendars, and log books, are publications with little content. These kind of books sell quickly on Amazon, and if you do it well, you’ll gain a lot of sales in a short period of time. This is definitely one of the simplest solutions, which is why so many people choose this option.

Start-up Costs :

Starting to self-publish your book on KDP is completely free.


Best for:

Do you love writing stories and books? Then earn an income simply by publishing your own books on KDP. Some authors can make as much as 40,000 $US per month. You won’t need to worry about your inventory, and once you write the material, you don’t need to write it all over again. If you want to learn more, read many reliable articles online that can help you learn strategies to earn more on self-publishing.


Do you want to learn how to create your first low-content book on Amazon quickly but aren’t sure where to begin? If you want to learn how to create low-content books like notebooks, calendars, logs, journals, and more, this is the course for you. The Low-Content Book Creation course will help you in getting started right away without feeling overwhelmed or spending a lot of money on inventory.

6. Sell your own shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and more through Merch by Amazon

Get your inventory by selling your own shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and many more through Merch by Amazon. MBA is a new self-service program created to help you increase your revenue through selling your products. In every product you sell, there will be a royalty you will earn. The more you have a high rate of sales, the higher the royalty is.


Start-up Costs :

Sellers don’t have to pay anything up front to use Merch by Amazon. That’s correct… uploading designs and listing products for sale is completely free. When a buyer buys a product, there are no costs for inventory or shipment. Every product sold let the designer earn a royalty based on the purchase price.


Best for :

Being a seller in Merch by Amazon is best for entrepreneurs looking for a flexible job that they can do in their vacant time. You can work at home, and you don’t have to go out of your place to sell and earn money. By working hard and dedicating yourself to your business, you can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 each month. Furthermore, you can expect 10 to 40% per sale royalties, depending on your list price.

7. Deliver goods for Amazon

Amazon Flex is a delivery program that delivers packages for Amazon as a way to earn income. Amazon will find a delivery opportunity for you near your region. This program on Amazon is available in over 50 cities, and you can choose options that will suit the coverage of your delivery capacity. If you live close to the warehouses, that will be an advantage to you, and this work is a flexible one where you can choose your schedule to deliver the package. You can always work depending on your availability and can plan your week. With Amazon Flex, you can slowly earn money that will bring you near your goals in life.


Start-up Costs :

To work as a delivery worker for Amazon Flex, you need to meet an eligibility requirement first. Some of these requirements are: be 21 years old or older, live in a city where Amazon Flex generates, have a Social Security number, pass a background check, and many more.


Best for:

If you need a side hustle, try Amazon Flex. You can earn 18 to 25 $US per hour of delivering any packages to the customers. You can also take instant offers if you have more extra time in a day to maximize your earnings. Moreover, when you schedule a block, you will know how much you can earn or how long it will last.

8. Become a blogger

You can make a living just by starting to blog for anything you want. You can do a lifestyle blog, how to earn on Amazon, publish how to do videos or recipes, and more. You can start blogging with affiliate marketing and use the Amazon Associates program. Furthermore, you can share links or products on Amazon via customized linking tools. This program will help you as a blogger to monetize your blog. It is available in 17 places around the world. Sign up and use affiliate links to send visitors to Amazon. You will earn a referral commission when the visitor purchases because of the affiliate links that you shared.


Start-up Costs :

You can join Amazon Associates program for free, which means that it is a no-cost program to help you earn money. Suppose you are a blogger, content creator, or publisher with a qualifying website or mobile app. In that case, you can participate in this program. You will face difficulties in making a lot of sales commissions if you are not an Internet influencer or don’t have a decent blog.


Best For :

This kind of job is best for people who have a passion for influencing others on any social media platform. It is best to love blogging and have a side hustle. The commission percentages are usually 3 to 5 percent. You can earn from qualifying purchases through the traffic you drive to Amazon. The income will differ based on the product category. To know more about the Amazon Associates program, you can check the comprehensive guide. It will guide you to start earning in this program and even everything you need to know about it.

9. Work from home as an Amazon rep

Amazon is considered one of the world’s largest employers. It has approximately 650,000 employees now. If you want to earn money on Amazon, you can search Amazon jobs on Google or directly go to their source at Amazon jobs. You need to meet the requirements before you get the position. The company employs people worldwide and includes both phone and non-phone work at home. The good thing about it is you can do it virtually.


Start-up Costs :

You don’t need money to apply to the company. This company is committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace. Amazon isn’t always hiring, so you need to find an open position in your area. If you want to have a full-time working schedule, you need to find a peaceful place at home, free from all distractions.


Best For:

It is best for people who look for home-based work that can earn a high amount of money. If you are a full-time rep, you can make a living around 30,000 $US per year. The income will depend on the position you have.

10. Handcraft your own items to sell on Amazon through Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade allows creative entrepreneurs to craft and sell their goods to millions of Amazon customers. They offer a new marketplace for all handmade products called Handmade at Amazon. The process requires a lot of work since you are the one who will produce the items, but you don’t have to worry because the exposure that Amazon will give to your brand will be immense. Artisans from over 80 countries can produce unique products and sell them on the platform. You can make accessories, clothing, jewelry, shoes and handbags, outdoor and home care, toys, and more.


Start-up Costs :

Selling handmade items on Amazon usually costs 39.99$ a month. The fees are for joining the program and creating the shop. Sellers need to pay a fee for each product sold. The program has a 12% fee from every listing that sells, but the good part here is the listing never expires. Amazon doesn’t cost money to list items, and they handle year-end tax paperwork for you.


Best For:

The Handmade at Amazon is open for all artisans who make unique and creative items to sell on Amazon. You can earn money by exploring your talents and improving your creativity. You can earn 30 $US per day. Over 1,000 $US per month in sales is what you will earn in 63% of Handmade because of the massive audience you can market on Amazon. Sellers are still profitable even with Amazon’s fees because 33% of them have seen profit margins above 20%. There are limitless opportunities that Amazon offers to Handmade sellers.

11. Dropshipping

Amazon can help you earn money by dropshipping. You can list and sell items on the platform without owning any inventory. Whenever a customer orders a product, you purchase it lower than your supplier. Then, send it directly to the customer. The supplier you have will be the one to handle all the logistics for you. 


There are companies like Spocket and AutoDS that let you sell products all around the world on Amazon without needing to keep the products in stock. This is good because you don’t need a lot of money to start.


Start-up Costs :

Being a seller who dropship products from Amazon, you will have to sign up through Amazon’s website. You need to pay $1.49 CAD per unit for the individual plan (If you sell fewer than 30 units a month) or $29.99 CAD monthly for the professional plan (If you sell more than 30 units a month).


Best For :

If you want to start your business where you won’t need to take ownership of the inventory and less hustle, drop-shipping would be a great one. Drop-shipping on Amazon will help you earn income on a big scale. You will need to find a reliable supplier to do your business. The earnings will vary in their returns. The average income you can get here is 1,000 $US to 50,000 $US per month (net revenue). If you’re interested in learning more about drop-shipping, check out 2022 guide about Drop-shipping on Amazon.

12. Amazon Home Services

Amazon offers a job for everyone who embodies skills. The Amazon Home Services is a high-quality network that provides fulfilling services sold by the said platform. You can sell your services to have income on Amazon because the platform gives opportunities to those skillful people. You can do home cleaning, handyman services, pet grooming, lawn mowing, and more. It will provide you easy to use tools and actual orders, so you can focus on doing your best to satisfy your customers. Amazon’s service program’s first market is in the UAE, but now it expands internationally.


Start-up Costs :

Amazon Home Services doesn’t have any start-up fees, and you will only pay for a revenue share once you complete the jobs based on the final service and type of service price. The general liability insurance is with a limit of 1,000,000 $US dollars per occurrence. Just remember that if you pick a trade profession like an electrician or anything, you need to have a license first. In addition, you need to meet the requirements provided by the platform for you to be able to sell your services on Amazon.


Best For:

Are you a skillful man looking for a job to earn an income? Amazon Home Services is best for you! You are allowed to sell your services to millions of Amazon’s customers. The platform will send you to work once Amazon approves your application. If you are an electrician at Amazon, you can earn a salary of 33,166 $US to 91,513 $US per year. The earnings will depend on the service you offer to the customers.

13. Mechanical Turk

A crowdsourcing marketplace on Amazon offers people a job with a concept of microtasks. Amazon Mechanical Turk connects you with an on-demand, human workforce and is scalable to complete the task. It will need human intelligence, and business people hire individuals to do the small work. You can do brief surveys, simple research, data verification, complete 100 tasks, and more. The Mechanical Turk is now available to requesters from 43 countries and is adding support from 16 countries, including Italy, Japan, and more, which gives a total of 43.


Start-up Costs :

It has no start-up cost. To use this service, you need an Internet connection and a computer. There will be more opportunities and tasks than smartphones or tablets if you have a computer.


Best For:

Amazon Mechanical Turk is great for people that look for a flexible job to sustain their basic needs and make additional money. You can do your work at your own pace that suits your free time. It gives you the power to plan your working schedule. Being a first-timer here is risky because your income will always start low. Still, you can have more tasks if you put dedication and determination into them. You can work as many hours as you can in a day, where you can earn 0. 01$US per minute. So, it means that if you work for 30 minutes a day, you can make 0.30 $US.

14. Remote Career Opportunities

Plenty of jobs are being offered on Amazon, and one of them is remote career opportunities. Amazon is hiring more remote workers, and last 2021, they announced the plan to hire an additional 33,000 employees. Amazon tops the list of being the 30 major US companies hiring remote workers. Lots of work-from-home opportunities are here like customer service, logistics, operations, online data entry, account management, and more. Possessing a high position in Amazon’s remote career can give you the guarantee of a high salary. This program is available all around the world.


Start-up Costs :

Remote Career Opportunities on Amazon has lots of work at home offered with low or no start-up cost. You can apply for a part-time or full-time job here. Amazon also gives students who are knowledgeable and skillful enough to enter any position.


Best For :

Amazon’s remote jobs have a wide range of flexible job opportunities where you can work at home without even going out. It’s for people who have the skill and knowledge to do the position and, at the same time, who want to earn a high income. The earnings will depend on what remote position you have. Moreover, Amazon jobs have a minimum salary of 15 $US per hour and an average of 102,632 $US per year. The more experience, skills, and high position you have, the higher the rate of salary you get.

15. CamperForce

Amazon Camperforce is a service that connects you with a fantastic seasonal job in a place across the United States. Camperforce brings together an enthusiastic community of RV’ERS for seasonal working job opportunities, and you can work in one of Amazon’s state-of-the-art fulfillment centers. You work in packing, picking, and shipping customers’ orders in a safe and high technological environment. The program is available in 8 states, mostly assembled on the East and West Coast. Camperforce is along with Tennessee, Kentucky, and all sites near the Amazon warehouses.


Start-up Costs :

You can earn money on Amazon Camperforce without investing any cash. Sign up online and follow the application process they provide to be part of the program. You will have an advantage if you own an RV. You can easily pick some quick seasonal tasks and earn some seasonal money.


Best For:

Owning an RV will give you a very excellent opportunity to earn money at Amazon Camperforce. It gives you a part-time and full-time opportunity that can make you earn up to 550 $US per campsite. The Campay associates 120 $US weekly to go towards their campground expenses. If you do overtime, you will receive 1 $US after the assignment ends, and for regular hour work is 0.50 $US each. In addition, one of its benefits is you can have a permanent position. To learn more about it, you can check out Amazon’s website that provides information about Camperforce.


Amazon is now expanding every year. The company has many work opportunities, even flexible jobs at home. Some works in this platform don’t need to have any start-up cost or investment before doing a business. The company introduces many programs that will suit any products or services you plan to sell to Amazon’s millions of customers. The workflow is so smooth, and it is continuing 24/7.


There are plenty of jobs on Amazon offered worldwide, and some are restricted only in the area of the US. The earnings are great for you to take, whether for small or big purposes. All you have to do is show your commitment to work here in order to make money and achieve your goals. We present you the 15 ways to make money on Amazon. We hope these ways can be a big help for you to meet your goals in life!

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