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What Makes KiwiCo Educational Toys for Children So Special
We can all agree that education is the best way to help young children develop intellectually. Learning help build a foundation for their growth and success in later years. Learning at an early age is a secret key to success that helps them in every aspect of life.
Educational toys stimulate child’s development and give them an early start in preparing for future learning environments. This is important because it helps children gain confidence and take challenges at their own pace. Additionally, it allows children to face challenges with a feeling of ease and not give up when facing difficulties.
Have you heard about KiwiCo Box Toys Educational Set? If not yet, here’s an article that will show you on everything about KiwiCo. They simply have the most incredible fun projects that will spark learning and discovery for all ages.
Using experiential learning, KiwiCo offers engaging projects for children of all ages. With more than 1000 hours of development for each box, it was designed to encourage a continuous passion for learning. All boxes have been meticulously created by specialists and tested by children. KiwiCo offers everything for every age and interest from early childhood development to practical STEAM activities.
There are 2 options you can choose from: the subscription or individual boxes.

9 Subscription Boxes for all ages

KiwiCo Subscription Boxes
With kiwiCo, you can subscribe and save money on every boxes. From 23.91 $CAD a month, they deliver high-quality products at lower prices and convenient delivery straight to your doorstep every month! Your children will be so excited when they receive their box in the mail.
This is the best option for busy moms who don’t have time to run around to different stores looking for toys or gadgets. You can now receive all the tools, materials, and inspiration to encourage creative confidence in children. So, there’s no need for Mommy Power parenting stress!
What I love about their subscription is you can choose from 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plans. Switch lines, pause, or cancel anytime you want! But keep in mind, before the end of your last billing cycle, you cannot cancel your subscription. If you selected the 12 Month Plan, for instance, and received 8 and would like to cancel, you won’t be able to do so until the 12 Months have passed.
Panda Crate Explore & Discover for 0-36 months 
Panda Crate was created exclusively for babies and toddlers yet beneficial, useful, and easy for parents, is based on the science of early childhood development. The concept of Panda Crate was to support busy parents in nurturing their naturally creative and curious children. Each crate was designed to enable babies to learn by engaging in the activities they enjoy most: playing, exploring, and, most importantly, interacting with adults.  
The subscription also come with a magazine and activity cards to give parents the best advice and ideas for encouraging healthy child development.

Koala Crate Play & Learn for ages 3-4

Promotes hands-on enjoyment and learning by exposing children (ages 2-4). This subscription introduces them to new materials, tools, techniques, and concepts. As parents, KiwiCo knows it’s not always easy to provide these quality experiences for young children, and wants to make it easy and convenient to build, explore, and create together. Also, each kit includes a helpful Parent Guide. A magazine and online DIYs will also be provided for you to try in between projects.
Through interactive, hands-on projects, Koala Crate provides children with chances for play-based learning. Each crate dives into a different enrichment theme, which might include early math and numbers, sensory art, stacking and building, pretend play, nature and animals, gross and fine motor skills, and more.

Kiwi Crate Science, Art, & More for ages 5-8

This subscription encourages children to develop their creative and curiosity through amazing STEAM project (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). 5-8 year old children should be encouraged to foster a love of learning. Also a magazine and online DIYs will also be provided for you to try in between projects.
Each Kiwi Crate dives deep into an educational subject, which may include science experiments, anatomy and physiology, mechanics and construction, artistic skills, motion and force, magnetism, and more. 

Atlas Crate Geography & Culture for ages 6-11

Atlas Crate stimulates children’s sense of adventure and curiosity. Also, it fosters their understanding of diverse cultures through engaging, practical STEAM activities. Children can engage in creative and intellectual interactions with foreign cultures and people through the immersive, hands-on experiences provided with Atlas Crate. KiwiCo provides exciting tasks and content each month to help your children learn to appreciate different cultures, expanding their knowledge and empathy for the world beyond their own. 
Through engaging, practical STEAM activities, Atlas Crate aims to give your child a greater understanding of cultural diversity. The first crate provides a high-level introduction to the world while providing fundamental navigational skills through use of your DIY globe and new world map. The following crates explore a new country to provide insights into its culture, geography, history, and traditions. 

Yummy Crate Science of Cooking for ages 6-14

Children can build confidence in the kitchen by learning the secrets of cooking science. They may enjoy the pleasure of making and sharing a meal by using these fun, family-friendly recipes and activities that have been kid-tested.
With delicious recipes and educational activities that explore hands-on creativity and experimentation in and out of the kitchen, their STEAM-based approach aims to cultivate a love for the true science of cooking. It has all the necessary ingredients for quality family time. 

Tinker Crate Science & Engineering for ages 9-16

Tinker Crate uses STEM (“Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math”) principles to foster children’s natural creativity and curiosity while saving time for busy parents. Their goal is to support children in using STEM as a foundation for critical thinking, a way to solve creative problems, and a pathway to innovation. Your monthly crate comes with all the supplies and ideas you need for engineering and scientific projects like the trebuchet, paper circuits, and walking robot.
Tinker Crate delivers interactive entertainment to your door with activities made to let children discover, explore, and build things in the world around them. Your child can explore topics in engineering (mechanical, electrical, industrial), science (chemistry, biophysics, astrophysics), and more with the help of projects and activities from Tinker Crate. These practical learning opportunities are intended to inspire a lifelong interest in these subjects and encourage further exploration into STEM disciplines. 

Doodle Crate Create & Craft for ages 14-16

Doodle Crate was created for young makers to engage in creative expression. Your monthly craft crates provide unique crafting supplies and techniques including solar imaging, embroidery and woodworking. Children between the ages of 14 and up gain creativity and self-assurance with Doodle Crate.
Doodle Crate delivers interactive fun to your door with activities made to encourage children to create things in the world around them. Each crate features a brand-new skill and project covering a variety of topics, like producing soap, block printing, sculpture, resist painting, needle felting, fabric dyeing, candle moulding, and more. 

Eureka Crate Engineering & Design for ages 14+

A wooden ukulele, an electric pencil sharpener, and adjustable desk lamps are just a few examples of the fantastic things you can create using science and math principles that Eureka Crate teaches inventors how to create.
The design of these items incorporates mathematic and scientific principles. With Eureka Crate, explore at how the design and function of everyday things are influenced by the concepts of science and arithmetic. Electronics, energy, mechanics, momentum, optics, and other engineering and design subjects are taught by creating a hands-on project and solving design challenges.

Maker Crate Art & Design for ages 14+

Maker Crate is a subscription craft package that helps creatives turn their ideas into tangible designs by introducing them to new art and design tools. Each crate is made to introduce new techniques and draw inspiration from real designs, so that creators of all skill levels may take satisfaction in a finished item that is entertaining and useful.
High-quality supplies, tools, and inspiration are provided in Maker Crate to promote lifelong artistic and design skills. The projects and techniques included in each crate cover a variety of topics, including paper marbling, metal sculpture, dip-dye painting, macrame, loom knitting, hand lettering, embroidery, and more.

Explore individual crates and packs

KiwiCo also offers individual boxes for all ages if you’re not into subscriptions. For each age category, I’ve chosen 3 of my favourite boxes that I think your children will also enjoy. However, these are more expensive than what a subscriber would pay: 32.24$ vs. 23.91$ for the least expensive options.
KiwiCo individual crates and packs

For ages 0-5

Bring some color and a ton of science into your day! Discover the scientific method before creating a bubbling chemical reaction in your excellent chemistry lab. Make colorful art, experiment with other color combinations, and learn about standard chemical processes. You can have step-by-step instructions and quality materials. Children can have fun mixing color, seeing chemical reactions, and doing kitchen experiments.
You’ll be ready to save the world if you create your unique superhero cape! Before you take off, personalize the cape with stickers that display your superhuman abilities.
The kit also includes all the materials and instructions needed to complete the superhero costume decorating project. Children may draw logos, play superhero name games, and get inspiration for pretend play.
Create your own mini-laboratory, do some experiments, and gain scientific knowledge! You will receive all the necessary equipment with a guide that includes step-by-step illustrated directions for 11 interesting projects to try, such as “tie-dying” milk, growing gummy bears, and exploring color mixing. Beakers, test tubes, graduated cylinders, funnels, and other lab supplies fit in a specifically made storage box that serves as a sensory bin, a water play station, and a lab rack. It’s time to play, learn, and splash!

For ages 5-9

Children can create amazingly accurate fossil impressions with a set of miniature dinosaurs, modeling clay, and plaster. Also, they can read about the geologic time scale, fossils’ formation, and a real paleontologist’s professional exploits. Then display a poster that includes some of the most remarkable prehistoric dinosaurs and enormous fossil facts. On top of that, children will love discovering how fossils are formed, excavating Dinosaur bones, and making fossil impressions.
Transform into a thrill engineer by designing roller coasters with exciting twists and turns. Develop a mechanical Ferris wheel that raises marbles to great heights, and then incorporate tracks, pegs, towers, and other elements to create a thrilling marble ride. Investigate kinetic and potential energy while constructing two types of roller coasters: one that intersects itself like a figure-eight and another that features a loop-the-loop.
With this sensory eco-adventure, dive into environmental science! Learn different ways for cleaning up spilled oil, from sweeping it up to trapping it in a floating boom, and gain knowledge of how oil affects seas and the creatures that live in them. As you play along with the story on each page of the instruction booklet that comes with the game, you’ll get to step into the shoes of actual wildlife rescuers and environmental engineers. Ready to find out what it will take to save ocean life and what you can do to help?

For ages 9-12

Build a walking robot using this robotics kit. By building and experimenting with robots, you’re child can experiment with mechanical motion.
This limited edition contains all the necessary materials and Tinker Zine magazine for extra entertainment, a link to a step-by-step video tutorial with illustrated blueprint instructions for this project kit, and more.
Create a gravity-defying glow string shooter which is an excellent art installation and a physics experiment. Build the base, put together a pair of dueling motors, and then attach a strip of UV LEDs to make it glow. Watch as a string loop stands straight in the air. You can do it after firing your completed shooter!
Play with momentum by throwing a flying disc to a friend or pretending the string is curving around your hand. And while you’re studying about UV light, get your physics and engineering passions going!
This kit is designed to teach kids about electronics, circuits, and how electricity works. Each project introduces different concepts related to electronics, such as switches, resistors, and capacitors. The Light-it-up electronics set is a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about electronics and STEM concepts while creating their own cool projects.

For ages 14+

With a set of stereo headphones you made yourself, tune into technology! Build the headphone headband, install the speaker drivers, and stereo sound testing. Discover how speakers and other electroacoustic transducers convert electricity into sound, and then discover the earlier technologies that allowed for the development of modern headsets.
When you can make your own hat, why go out and buy one? Grab your loom and get familiar with the knit and purl stitches, two basic knitting techniques. Then knit a hat from top to bottom using your newly acquired stitch knowledge. To finish it off, add a handmade yarn pom-pom or one of the faux-fur pom-poms that come in the box. As you progress, learn to switch colours and patterns.
Get ready to do some experiments with clean hands! Build a mechanical soap dispenser that is operated by one button push by combining the power of switches and pumps. Then explore the science of peristalsis, followed by an in-depth study of the past and present of human hygiene.
KiwiCo educational box toys are great gift for your children to develop their brains at an early age. Many researches proved that educational toys could help your child cultivate a lot of essential skills. Even you have to take time to study, everything is possible if you have a good education from an early age.
If you want to buy the best educational toys for your children, KiwiCo boxes are actually pretty amazing which include everything your children need to create a special unique STEM-based project (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Also, when you signing up for KiwiCo, you’ll enjoy 40% off upon joining!


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